Character Type: Physician
Life Points: 32
Drama Points: 10
Strength 2 Intelligence 4
Dexterity 3 Perception 3
Constitution 3 Willpower 3
Acrobatics 2 Knowledge 1
Art 0 Languages 0
Computer 1 Medical 5
Crime 0 Mr. Fix-It 0
Drive 1 Notice 2
Getting Personal 1 Old Style 0
Gun Play 1 Science 0
Influence 0 Wild Card 0
Sweet Temperament (3-point Quality)
You are just so darn nice and wholesome that folks take kindly to you. Any time you want to influence someone to help you with something or do you a favor you gain a +2 bonus. This bonus only applies if you have not tried to fight or intimidate your target or anyone else around recently.
Spacecraft - Medical Bay, Full (4-point Quality)
You have a fully equipped medical bay.
Contacts (2-point Quality)
Hard To Kill (2-point Quality, 2 levels)
+6 Life Points, +2 bonus to Survival Tests
Attractiveness (3-point Quality, 3 levels)
Model-good looks
Honorable (Serious) (2-point Drawback)
This code of honor is more complex, and applies to everyone, friend or foe. Your character always keeps her word and does her best to fulfill any promises she makes. She will not betray the trust of others once she has accepted it. She may be reluctant to give her word except in a good cause (at least a good cause as she sees it), because once it has been given she will abide by it.
Hunted (2-point Drawback)
Bad people want you. Maybe you are a criminal, or perhaps a runaway indentured worker. It could also be that bad people want a quiet word with you. The higher the Drawback the more time and effort they will expend, or the more powerful they are, or both.
Non-combatant (2-point Drawback)
You don’t like getting into fights. Maybe you are scared, or maybe you just don’t like to hurt folks. For two points, you just cannot throw the first punch. You will not fight anyone who hasn’t directly attempted to attack you. Hit by a grenade or other area effect doesn’t count as a reason to fight, unless they throw it at you specifically. For six points, you can never attack someone else, for any reason, even self-defense. Maybe you made a vow or just loathe physical violence. The Director may allow you to overcome this with a Willpower Roll in extreme circumstances – such as your mother will die if you don’t shoot the bad guy.