Character Type: Captain
Life Points: 26
Drama Points: 10
Description: 29 years old, 1.72m, 60kg, blue eyes, blond hair.
Strength 2 Intelligence 5
Dexterity 2 Perception 3
Constitution 2 Willpower 4
Acrobatics 0 Knowledge 2
Art 0 Languages 0
Computer 0 Medical 0
Crime 1 Mr. Fix-It 0
Drive 0 Notice 3
Getting Personal 0 Old Style 0
Gun Play 3 Science 0
Influence 3 Wild Card (Pilot) 2
    Wild Card (Gun Smith) 1
Combat Maneuvers
ManeuverBonusBase DamageNotes
Dodge5-Defense Action
Spacecraft size 3 (6-point Quality)
The SS Safe Haven
Spacecraft emergency measurements (4-point Quality)
State of the art damage control and evacuation equipment (excellent fire suppression systems, safety back ups, materials that don’t burn or give off fumes when on fire, fully equipped lifeboats with survival rations, and plenty of space suits for everyone).
Sweet Temperament (3-point Quality)
You are just so darn nice and wholesome that folks take kindly to you. Any time you want to influence someone to help you with something or do you a favor you gain a +2 bonus. This bonus only applies if you have not tried to fight or intimidate your target or anyone else around recently.
Attractiveness (3-point Quality)
Add your character's Attractiveness bonus to any activity (usually influence Skill rolls) where persuading people is a factor.
Photographic Memory (2-point Quality)
A photographic memory grants your character an uncanny ability to remember things. After reading a book, she can quote passages without missing a word, and she almost never forgets anything. The Director will provide information that your character would remember whenever it is necessary. Also, your Cast Member receives a +1 bonus to any skill roll where memorizing facts is useful, such as Knowledge and Science. Finally, any rolls where memory plays a role gain a +1 to +3 bonus, at the Director’s discretion. Oh, and gambling against these card counters extraordinaire is probably a bad idea.
Natural Leader (5-point Quality)
You have the ability to inspire people with your leadership. Anyone following a plan you have conceived (under your orders) can choose one skill that she will use while carrying out the plan. Any use of this skill during the plan receives a +1 bonus.
Can't back down (4-point Drawback)
There are certain things in life you just cannot ignore. Maybe it’s people talking about your ship, or trying to make you drink to the health of the local corrupt governor. Whatever it is, you will never walk away from asking someone to explain her i inexcusable opinion—no matter how stupid or ill advised it may be. Whether the person in question is a star ship officer or the local drunkard, you cannot leave it alone.
Dependant (3-point Drawback)
Your character has a relative or someone who is close to her—perfect for the villains to terrorize, hold hostage or otherwise use and abuse. If your character has one Dependent, she gets two points. More than one Dependent is worth three points
Obligation (2-point Drawback)
The welfare of the organization is placed above that of your character. She is always on call, and does not have time to pursue a normal job (unless it’s a cover for the real assignment) or much of a personal life. The penalties for disobedience or selfishness are severe, and may include death.
Adversary (2-point Drawback)