Dark Sun (tm) Campaign

Introduction: Preview / background of Cenedra

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons ( AD&D) is a fantasy roleplaying game (RPG). I'll be keeping you posted about the adventures of our new campaign on this page. The campaign will take place in the Dark Sun(tm) world.

As you will be seeing everything through the eyes of my character (and perhaps the DM 's eyes too), I'll give you a description of my character here. I haven't completed the background. So keep your shorts on ;)

My character is a female elf called Cenedra. She is 21 years old and never goes off without her precious metal (!) knife or her short sword. Caring little for outward appearance, she is dressed in a comfortable, but inconspicous robe. Of course she is prepared for the hardships of the world, thus carrying about four waterskins.

Cenedra is a beautiful 21 year old Elven girl. As all elves on Athas, she cares little for law and order and lives only to enjoy the present. But unlike most other Athasians, she has great compassion for the world and the living beings in it. Because of this she began to wander: she wants to live each now to the fullest, and if she can make this world a better place in the process, the nows to come will be brighter still.

As a child, Cenedra's extreme agility was already evident. Of course, the tribe's thieves immmediately took her development upon them, for agility is an asset to thieves. But Cenedra picked up thieverty fast enough to be allowed lots of free time each day. She then visited other tribe members, for she felt her rapid development in one physical field was compensated for by a lack of development in her mental training. The tribe's defiler noticed her incredible intellect and started to instruct her in the ways of controlling the magical energies.

Of course, the thieves complained about this with the tribes elders. And Cenedra was deeply grieved, for she caused the nows to be less joyfull. But after a while, she discovered that her heart was filled with hatred of the defiler's ways. She vowed to herself, that her magic would never be destructive as a side-effect. This ment, of course, that the tribe's defiler would reject her, perhaps even so much as to deny her her place in the tribe. Then she would have to fight the mighty defiler, a fight she knew she wasn't able to win. Thus, she packed her stuff, and, with pain in her heart, left her tribe.

If she is ever to return to her tribe, she must kill the defiler and take his place or die in the attempt. Since Cenedra isn't skilled enough to defeat him yet, she has travelled to the city-state of Thyr. The cities sorcerer-king, Kahlak, had recently died and this had turned all city-guards magicless. The hated templars, as these guards are called, were replaced by normal people willing to keep order and peace against board and lodging and a reasonable income per day. Magic was strictly prohibited in the city, but she didn't think it would be a big problem to gather spell components. Should this prove dangerous, she could always concentrate on developing her thievery skills.

I hope I have interested you in following our campaign, which will (if all goes well) take place every two weeks. The first session will be held in the first week of February, so Monday 10 February the first story will be posted.

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