Dark Sun (tm) Campaign

Day 5: No Maiden In Distress

Cenedra is travelling with a caravan, being hired to protect it. She is already beginning to understand why humans don't share the Elf's love for the desert: being cramped in a small place, travelling on eachothers lips, doing nothing but for an occasional monster fight the whole day, she doesn't like it either. And those silly humans were never ment to run the desert like true Elves...

It had been a boring day so far. We met a human female around midday. Her appearance immediately triggered alarmbells inside my head. She looked exactly like the party that had attacked us in Thyr: all dressed in black, thight clothes. When we asked her, why she was wearing those clothes, she replied with disrespect: "Do you infidels don't even know that ? This is the dressing of the templars of his divine higness, sorcerer-king Nibenay !"

That certainly put things in perspective. We asked her to travel with us, since the desert is no place for a lonely human. She said that the mighty Nibenay had given her the power to protect herself from any dangers. But she did agree to come with us. This was particularly strange, since we seemed to be heading in the opposite direction that she was travelling. The rest of the day nothing much happened, and a short while later we began setting up camp for the night. The templar had brought her own tent. Though I wouldn't have wanted her to sleep in my tent, I still would have liked to keep an eye on her.

Late in the night, I was wakened by a cry from one of the guards. My Elven vision enabled me to see a big shape hovering above the head of a guard. In the darkness I saw Balur's shape getting ready for battle. I ran to the tent of the templar and yelled for her. I reasoned that if Nibenay had given her enough power to protect herself, she might also be able to help in this battle. There was no response, so I left the tent and made way to the battle ground.

Somebody made some light, and Balur and that brainless halfgiant attacked. The halfgiant took one mighty blow and the creature fell to the ground, which was quite an impressive sight. Upon closer examination, the creature slightly resembled a dragon, only it was way too small to be a dragon, let alone that dragon. We all went to our tents to try and sleep as much as we could, tomorrow another long day would await us.

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