Dark Sun (tm) Campaign

Day 6: An Expected Encounter

Cenedra is still travelling with a caravan. She's gotten into the rithm by now, though the events of the past day still seem to influence this now. Last night there was a slight skirmish with some sort of flying, rat-sized beast whose outwards appearance resembled that of a dragon. Cenedra worries more over the templar who joined them yesterday, however.

After I woke up that morning, I immediately went to look for the templar. Never to be trusted, that sort, and clever enemies they make. I must admit that at first I was surprised to find she was gone. That soon changed when Syrx found a note near his tent. When we asked Dors what the message ment, he told us it was some kind of warning. Syrx didn't look too surprised at that. I pondered on that, but he couldn't have possibly read it...

After a small discussion with Dors we decided not to heed the threat. After all, that's what we were hired for. With a pleased look on Balur and a weighing look on the brainless powerful half-giant I decided that whatever would be in our way, it wouldn't be long in our way. However, with templars you never know.

Later that day was the templar made good on her threat. A bright light hit the front wagon. As soon as our wagon stopped, I raced to the front wagon to find out what had happened. Not a moment too soon, for as soon as I had left the car another bright light hit the wagon out of which I'd just came. There was little reason to worry however, for Balur, the half-giant and Syrx all walked out of it.

Of course, the raiders attacked us. What else could we have expected? I remember when I still ran with my tribe. Oh, not that we didn't raid caravans, but all we did was halt them and take what we could carry. Of course, some caravans had some brave "hero", who would attack and rage the others into attacking us, which forced us to kill the entire caravan. But blunt out striking to kill without cause... Yet another proof of the superiority of Elves.

Anyway, I can't be pressed to remember anything else from the fight itself. It all happened so many nows ago, and this now is always more interesting than any previous now. All I can remember was that during the fight, all wagons were lit and that we managed to exstinguish only one wagon, the water wagon, and that after the fire had already fest upon the wood for a bit. All of the raiders died in the combat, unfortunately, so did all of the caravan members but Syrx, Balur, me and Kalidor the half-giant.

However, that wasn't good enough for me. I had foolishly cast a spell in the midst of combat. Of course I called out for the sun, but this would certainly lead to questions should someone have seen it. While the others were feeding the evermore impatient mekillots some corpses, which settled them down, I was contemplating my situation.

A solution struck me when we were arguing whether to go on with virtually no cargo to Nibenay (whose templars had tried to kill us some times), or to return to the free city of Thyr. I, of course, advocated the last point, however, the majority seemed to be in favour of carrying this mission through. So I decided to go back to Thyr on my own, after all, for an Elf it wouldn't be such a long run.

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