Dark Sun (tm) Campaign

Day 7: In The Endless Wastes

The caravan Cenedra was travelling with, was attacked by raiders. Vicious fighting finally led to a Phyrrus-victory for Cenedra's company. Only Cenedra, Kalidor, Balur and Syrx survived the hostilities. While the rest of the party plans to proceed onwards to Nibenay, Cenedra thinks it wiser not to enter a city of a sorcerer-king whose templars have already thrice tried to slay the party. Hard-headed as she is and upset for not getting her way, she sneaked off early in the morning.

Oh the joyous feeling to once more roam the desert, feel the burning sand under my feet, racing lightning-quick to no appearant destiny! I hadn't realised that the humans crampy ways had gotten to me so much. I felt like running, I felt like singing, I felt like dancing, I felt... relieved.

However, after quite a nice run it began to daunt on me that however much I was enjoying this now, I also felt the tremendous hurt of an Elf who has lost her tribe. This occupied me most of the day, when suddenly, when dusk already had fallen, I remembered what I was doing. I was running towards one of those crazed human inventions, a city. Jukkete! ("city dweller"). The crie escaped my mouth and I was dazed by the truth behind it. Better even to suffer from the half-giants lack of brain than being brainless enough to long for a city.

I couldn't help but retch. After that, I easily arrived at the only solution: going along with the others, profiting from them where possible.
Sure, they were also going towards a city, but they had already provided interesting distraction. And at least I already had some leverage with them.

So no time to waist. But even an Elf can't do it all... exceptions excluded, of course. And of course I am an exclusion.
I sat myself down and began to concentrate long and hard. I don't know how long I had sat there, all I remember was the absense of feeling. No more feeling of tiredness, no feelings of sleep or hunger or even thirst.
I smiled. It had worked once more.

I was able to run the whole night long, chasing the party who had gone before me. Strange enough I can't remember seeing the remains of the fight. Though very busy running, I doubt it was because I was too concentrated. Rather I hold it as another proof of the killing power of the Wasteland. And it strengthened me to know that I was of a breed that survived, no, thrived in here!

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