Akodo Yumako

Akodo Commander
Personal glory, be a great, famous and honorable samurai. A hero of which will be written in the history books.
To serve on the battlefield (and smaller combats)
Void Points
Artisan Skills
Refine Restore Invent Adapt Attune
Martial Skills
Martial Arts [Melee]
Martial Arts [Ranged]
Martial Arts [Unarmed]
Feint Withstand Overwhelm Shift Sacrifice
Scholar Skills
Analyze Recall Theorize Survey Sense
Social Skills
Trick Reason Incite Charm Enlighten
Trade Skills
Con Produce Innovate Exchange Subsist
Koku: 5
Lacquered armor, Traveling clothes
Daishō (Katana and Wakizashi), Naginata
Yari (spear), 2 knives, Hammer
Yumi (bow) and quiver of arrows
Traveling pack
Traveling ClothesTraveling clothes ordinarily consist of roughspun garments designed to resist wear and tear. They can be anything from robes to a kimono or jacket and leggings and are often accentuated with a hat or cloak. Physical 2 Durable, Mundane, Subtle
Lacquered ArmorHeavier than ashigaru armor, lacquered armor is worn by samurai who desire a good mix of protection and grandeur, and is just at home at war as at a martial ceremony. These suits are made of thick leather or steel plates stitched or riveted to a leather backing. They protect the torso, head, upper arms, and groin, and the legs above the knee. They can also include a helmet and mask, though these are not considered integral. Physical 4 Ceremonial, Cumbersome, Wargear, Durable
KatanaAs much a work of art as it is a weapon, the katana is perhaps the most revered weapon in Rokugan. It has an elegant, slightly curved blade between three and four feet long, made of steel that is specially folded during its creation. This unique forging style ensures that the inner part of the blade remains springy and soft while the outside is as hard as tempered steel. Each sword likely has a history and legacy, and it is a constant reminder of the weight that destiny has placed upon its bearer’s shoulders as a samurai of Rokugan 4 5/7* 1 Ceremonial, Razor-Edged
WakizashiWhereas the katana represents a samurai’s status as a warrior, the wakizashi represents their place in Rokugan’s social order and strict caste system. The wakizashi is a small, katana-like sword usually two to three feet in length, with the same flexible blade and lethal edge. It is often made as part of a pair, with the same decorations as its matched katana. The wakizashi also fills another role: it clearly signals that its wearer is a samurai, and a person of honor who will make the ultimate sacrifice for their ideals and their master. It is the tool with which a samurai commits seppuku: ritual suicide, the last protest of an aggrieved and honorable samurai. 3 5/7* 0-1 Ceremonial, Razor-Edged
NaginataMost samurai’s preferred polearm, the naginata is highly regarded. It has a long, flexible shaft made of bamboo or springy wood with a large, lightweight, slightly curved blade at the top. A naginata’s blade is forged with the same ceremony and meticulous craftsmanship as a katana’s, and commands the same reverence as the daishō. It is carried in elite units such as the Heaven’s Wing Brotherhood and the Utaku Battle Maidens. 6 6 2 2-hand, Cumbersome, Razor-Edged, Wargear
KnifeKnives come in a dizzying array of types and styles, from the familiar crudely constructed knife in a peasant’s kitchen to the deadly combat knives samurai take into battle. Those particularly designed for combat—like the aiguchi—are often equipped with small hand guards to make them more useful in the field. 2 4/6* 0 Concealable, Mundane, Razor-Edged
* when using 2-handed Deadliness is 2 higher
Technique Types Available
Kata, Rituals and Shūji
Way of the Lion
Rank 4
When you succeed at an Attack or Support action check, you may remove an amount of strife from yourself up to school rank (4). For each strife you remove this way, add 1 bonus success to the check and receive 1 fatigue.
Indomitable Will The travelers cowered as the ghost, shrieking hideously, drifted toward them from the ruins of the ancient temple where they’d chosen to make camp for the night. The moonlight lent the spirit an unearthly glow, and its howls echoed in their ears as it grew ever closer.
“It is a gaki—a hungry ghost!” shouted Yogo Kikuyo, stepping between the travelers and the spirit as she rummaged through her bag.
“Are you not afraid?” shouted one of her companions, as he clutched at her waist, trying to draw her back from the wailing apparition.
“I am not,” Kikuyo said, as she drew a paper ofuda talisman, inscribed with blessings, from her satchel. “I am familiar with its sort.”
Types: Mental, Interpersonal
Effects: You can always choose to stand your ground, even when faced with untenable odds, supernatural terrors, or sorcerous powers.
- When you need to keep your cool when dealing with danger, reroll up to two dice. (such as a Command [Earth] check to give orders under pressure or a Meditation [Earth] check to resist the effects of fear)
Precise Memory The great libraries of the Phoenix Clan’s Asako family are home to a specialized group of scholars, renowned across Rokugan for their tremendous natural talent for memorization. The Asako Loremasters train in a special school, sharpening their skills in research and delving into multiple topics in order to intuit the connections between different fields of study. This practice gives them a nearly unique ability to grasp the connections between apparently unrelated bits of information.
The Asako Libraries are a priceless repository of knowledge, home to an unrivaled collection of original manuscripts, yet the minds of the scholars themselves are the greatest prize found within its walls.
Types: Mental
Effects: You can recall anything you have read or heard in the current session exactly, and you often dredge up older facts with much greater ease than others.
- When you must recall details precisely, reroll up to two dice. (such as a Games [Earth] check to recall the opening moves of a classic defensive strategy in shōgi or a Government [Earth] check to remember the specifics of a historical event)
Famously Reliable When the lord came to see how the smith was proceeding on his sword, he found the smithy a shambles, the river running through the forge, and the smith with his robes tied up around his middle.
“Tsi-san,” said the great lord. “I trust my sword will be ready tomorrow, as we agreed?”
“Of course, great lord,” said the smith, bowing low. “This is only a minor setback.”
– The Trials of Tsi Wenfu, author unknown

Types: Fame, Interpersonal
Effects: Other people have heard of you for your remarkable adherence to your oaths and responsibilities, even over and above most samurai, and they believe it by default unless given evidence to the contrary.
- When you need to leverage your reputation for keeping your oaths and bargains, reroll up to two dice. (such as a Command [Earth] check to calm a panicked soldier or a Performance [Earth] check to relate a tale that inspires patience)
Other people have heard of you for your remarkable adherence to your oaths and responsibilities, even over and above most samurai, and they believe it by default unless given evidence to the contrary.
Famously Successful “Victory will make even the most honorable of samurai forget the stains of your dishonor. Seize victory and your legend will speak only of your greatness. Akodo knew this, even if he dared not put it to words.”
– Bayushi Kiriko’s commentary on Leadership

Types: Fame, Interpersonal
Effects: Other people have heard of you for your ability to get results at any cost, and they believe it by default unless given evidence to the contrary.
- When performing a check for which you need to leverage your reputation for efficiency, you may reroll up to two dice.
(such as a Courtesy [Fire] check to convince your lord to give you a position or a Tactics [Fire] check to get enemy troops to withdraw in the face of a show of force)
Other people have heard of you for your ability to get results at any cost, and they believe it by default unless given evidence to the contrary.
Paragon of Courage "The heroes of myth—even the ones who were not of divine blood—did not live as humans do. It is impossible to embody an ideal without surpassing some part of your own humanity"

Types: Mental, Virtue
Effects:You believe utterly in Courage, and others instinctively discern that your actions are genuine when you act in accordance with it.
- When performing a check for which you need to convince others of, or leverage your faith in Courage, you may reroll up to two dice.
(such as a Performance check to recount a tale that impresses its importance upon others or a Martial Arts [Melee] check to take up arms for this cause),
You believe utterly in Courage, and others instinctively discern that your actions are genuine when you act in accordance with it.
Support of the Otomo Family "Akodo Emi avoided the rōnin’s stroke narrowly, sweeping at his feet to gain distance. He was good, yet she could beat him. But not quickly, and time was her true enemy tonight.
Suddenly, a hail of slingstones clattered across the ground near the rōnin’s feet. Down the street rushed several figures wearing the Mon of the Sparrow."

Types: Interpersonal
Effects: The Otomo Family is willing to help you when doing so will not damage its reputation. E.g. hospitality, meals, a place to rest, medical attention. Access to facilities like libraries, smithies, or stables.
- When performing a check to interact with the Otomo Family members, you may reroll up to two dice.
(such as a Command [Water] check to issue them orders or a Performance [Water] check to cause an audience of them to desire something)
The Otomo Family is willing to help you when doing so will not damage its reputation.
Armament “The craftsmanship on this truly is exquisite,” Ikoma Eiji said, examining the spear on the table before him. The weapon had an eight-foot shaft of strong wood, surmounted by a two-foot blade carved with intricate symbols.
“Great Fortunes! Do you realize what this is? These carvings…” he ran his finger along the crest engraved into the metal of the blade. “This is Kotoku, the ancestral weapon of the Daidoji family!”
Types: Mental
Effects: Unless the piece comes from outside of the Emerald Empire, you know the name of any weapon or piece of armor you encounter, are aware of its function, and have a rudimentary understanding of how to equip and wield it.
- After performing a check to make or study arms or armor, you remove 3 strife. (such as a Smithing [Earth] check to polish a suit of armor or a Tactics [Earth] check to know how to arrange a proper spear formation)
Painful Honesty A popular, if bawdy, song at many roadside inns in Rokugan, “The Honest Husband” is the story of a staunch-hearted farmer who can never tell a lie. The song progresses through several verses where he is faced with questions from his wife about her weight, the attractiveness of her sister, and other increasingly risky (and risqué) situations. The song’s refrain of “you know I love you, dearest, but I cannot tell a lie” has become on its own a catchphrase, used jokingly when a person is asked difficult questions.
Types: Interpersonal
Effects: You are tormented by internal conflict when you lie or allow a lie to pass. You cannot make claims you know to be false, although you can say technically truthful things that imply untruths, if politeness or circumstances demand it.
- After you make a check to mislead someone else, you receive 3 strife. If this is the first time this has occurred this scene, gain 1 Void point. (such as a Courtesy [Air] check to falsely besmirch someone’s reputation or a Command [Air] check to manipulate an underling)
Striking as Earth
Rank 1
After striking, the bushi roots themself to the ground, hunkering down to make sure their armor takes the brunt of a hit or raising a weapon in a warding position where it can deflect harm without being damaged.
Activation: During a Martial Arts [Melee, Ranged, or Unarmed] ( Earth) check, spend to:
Earth +: Physical resistance is 1 higher per spent until the start of your next turn
Warrior's Resolve
Rank 1
The bushi draws a deep breath, exhaling as they rise to their feet. Pain can be conquered as long as there is a duty to be done. Honor is stronger than steel, it is said, and it falls to the samurai to prove it
Activation: Once per scene, as a Support action, you may spend 1 Void point to recover.
Effects: Remove fatigue equal to your honor rank (7).
Iron Forest Style
Rank 2
A bushi versed in the spear can control their spacing with their opponent, forcing their foe to risk impalement each time they advance or catching loose clothes or stray body parts on the head of the weapon. Akodo’s Leadership refers to such a technique as the Iron Forest style, which turns the length of a single spear into an insurmountable distance.
Activation: During a Martial Arts [Melee] check using a polearm, spend to:
+: The area in range of your weapon counts as Dangerous terrain for one target of your action per spent. When an affected character attempts to move closer to you, they must make a TN 4 Fitness check (Air 2, Water 5); if they fail, they cannot advance. This effect persists until the start of your next turn.
Lord Akodo’s Roar
Rank 2
The Kami Akodo One-Eye, who founded the Lion Clan, was the greatest tactician in the Empire. His victories rested not upon the strength of his arm, but upon his keen mind and his faith in the people he rallied behind him. The true general never stands alone, for they are always bolstered by the united will of their followers. With a roar that echoes through the ranks, chilling their foes and heartening their comrades, the leader charges as Akodo himself once did.
Activation: Once per game session as an action, make a TN 1 Command ( Void) check targeting each hostile character within 4 (school rank) range bands.
Effects: If you succeed, each target suffers the Dazed condition.

New Opportunities
Void +: After this action, one other friendly character per spent at range 0–3 may immediately perform a Strike action targeting a Dazed character.
Stonewall Tactics
Rank 1
The courtier makes themself impossible for the target to ignore, raising a pressing concern that must be addressed first or even physically planting themself between a rival and their allies.
Activation: During a Social skill ( Earth) or Martial skill ( Earth) check targeting a character, spend to:
Earth +: Increase the TN of any check the target makes that does not target you by 1 per spent this way. Persists until the beginning of your next turn.
Rallying Cry
Rank 3
The leader roars, calling their troops to battle, and the voice of an army echoes around them as the single cry is joined by many. As one, the troops surge forward to claim victory or perish in the attempt.
Activation: As a Support action, make a TN 2 Command ( Fire) or Performance ( Fire) check targeting any number of characters in the scene.
Effects: If you succeed, the targets are energized and excited by your rhetoric. After Step 5: Choose Kept Dice, each target adds a kept set to an result. This effect persists until the end of your next turn.

New Opportunities
Fire +: In a skirmish, each enemy in the scene suffers 1 strife per spent this way.
Touchstone of Courage
Rank 3
Armies are rarely routed in the field; instead, most collapse when morale becomes impossible to maintain. As panic rises in the ranks, soldiers look to leaders to set an example. The character does just this, speaking to the importance of duty to bring their troops back from the edge of chaos.
Activation: As a Support action, make a TN 4 Command ( Earth) check targeting any number of characters.
Effects: During an intrigue, duel, or skirmish conflict, each target increases their composure by your Earth Ring (5). Persists until the end of the scene.

New Opportunities
Earth : During an intrigue, duel, or skirmish, each target removes strife equal to your Earth Ring (5).
Pillar of Calm
Rank 4
The character calls for reason to prevail and swords to be sheathed, appealing to a common ideal or greater threat that stands before the belligerent parties.
Activation: As a Scheme and Support action, you may make a Command (Earth) check targeting a number of characters up to your Earth Ring times your school rank. The TN of this check is equal to the highest strife among the targets:
Effects: If you succeed while targeting all of the leaders involved in a conflict, you may de-escalate the conflict one level (from a mass battle to a skirmish, a skirmish to a duel, or a duel to an intrigue).
New Opportunities
Earth +: You may de-escalate the conflict by one additional level per spent this way
Rouse the Soul
Rank 5
Many things can cloud the soul, but words can awaken it. The courtier speaks honestly and without pretension, calling upon their allies to overcome earthly circumstances and reach a mutual goal.
Activation: When making a Social skill (Void) or Theology (Void) check targeting one or more characters, you may spend in the following way:
Void +: Remove one of the following conditions from one target per spent this way: Afflicted, Enraged, Exhausted, Intoxicated, or Unconscious.
  • Masako, Family name (that honors ancestor)
  • Yumako, Personal Name (for close associates)
  • Emerald Magistrate
Personality, Habits and Quirks
  • Unmasking: Angrily call out challenges to foes for combat.
  • When nervous, she will tap her fingers on her armor.
  • She wears a beautiful Lacquered Armor in lion clan style made by her uncle, a phoenix smith. Her armor and weapons are always in perfect condition.
  • Kitsu Asano, History teacher, Akodo War College
  • Akodo Yumi, Mother (from the Phoenix Asako family)
  • Asako Okashi, Uncle who is a Phoenix armorsmith
  • Akodo Tamako, Masako's lord
  • Akodo Kiruhage, Twin brother (Sworn Enemy)
  • Doji Ren, Crane Clan Courtier (Mark)
  • Isawa Aki, Phoenix Clan Shugenja (Matthijs)
  • Togashi Yoshi, Dragon Clan Tatooed Monk (Ferry)
  • Hiruma Tichuki, Crab Clan Bushi (Marcel)
  • Bayushi Kyo, Scorption Clan Courtier (Jeroen)
Game Mechanics
See below for relevant actions, conditions and qualities
Skirmish Actions
  • Guard
    Activation: As a Support action using a readied weapon, make a TN 1 Tactics check targeting yourself or another character in the weapon’s range.
    Effects: If you succeed, you guard the target until the beginning of your next turn. Increase the TN of Attack checks against the guarded target by one, plus an additional one per two bonus successes.
  • Calming Breath
    Activation: As a Support action, take a deep breath.
    Effects: If strife > half composure, remove 1 strife. If fatigue > half endurance, remove 1 fatigue.
  • Challenge
    See book, page 263
  • Wait
    Activation: As an Attack, Scheme, and Support action, declare a non-Movement action you will perform after the occurrence of a specified event before the end of the round.
    Effects: After the specified event before the end of the round, perform the action. You must still use the ring matching your stance for this action. If the event does not occur this round, you may perform one action of your choice at the end of the round.

  • Dazed
    Effects: A Dazed character increases the TN of their Attack and Scheme action checks by 2.
    Removed When: : At the end of their turn, if the character did not perform an Attack or Scheme action, they remove the Dazed condition.
  • Incapacitated
    Effects: An Incapacitated character cannot perform actions that require checks and cannot defend against damage. After an Incapacitated character suffers a critical strike, they suffer the Unconscious condition in addition to any other effects.
    Removed When: An Incapacitated character removes this condition when their fatigue is reduced to a value lower than or equal to their endurance.
  • Prone
    Effects:Prone character can move maximum of 1 range band during their turn. At the GM’s discretion, a Prone character is harder to spot at a distance or hit with ranged attack checks (increasing relevant TNs by 1).
    Removed When: : At the end of their turn, if the character did not perform a Movement action, they may remove the Prone condition.

Terrain Qualities
  • Dangerous:
    Effects: Whenever a character performs a check within Dangerous terrain, (s)he suffers Physical damage equal to the symbols on their kept dice.

Armor/Weapon Qualities
  • Cumbersome (Armor): Impossible to conceal. Increase TN of your checks to maneuver in your environment (e.g. Movement action checks) by 1.
  • Cumbersome (Weapon): If you moved this turn, increase the TN of Attack action checks using a Cumbersome weapon by 1.
  • Ceremonial: Can be brought into many contexts in which similar items might not be allowed. While wearing openly, reduce TN of checks to convince others of your real identity as the owner of that item by 1.
  • Razor-Edged: When you succeed at an Attack action check that deals damage to a target using a Razor-Edged item, if the damage dealt is reduced to 0 before they defend, this item becomes Damaged. When you make an Attack action check with a Razor-Edged weapon, you may spend as follows:
    +: Treat the deadliness of this weapon as 1 higher per spent this way.
  • Wargear: Implements seen in battle and few other contexts—items are decidedly inappropriate for most social contexts. Wargear makes people nervous, which impedes efforts at diplomacy. Whenever another character suffers 1 or more strife due to the actions of someone wearing one or more Wargear items, they suffer that amount plus 1 instead.
  • Damaged: Increase the TN of checks to use it by 1. If armor becomes Damaged, reduce all resistances it provides by 2 (to a minimum of 0). If a Damaged item becomes Damaged again, it becomes Destroyed.
  • Concealable (Weapon): As part of an Attack action, you may ready or sheathe one Concealable weapon.
Glory gained/lost
5 glory - Char creation: question 7
5 glory - Char creation: question 18
3 glory - being invited to Topaz Tournament
7 glory - during Topaz Tournament
3 glory - won Tengu duel
3 glory - saved merchants from Goblins+Ogre
1 glory - meeting with Doji Hotaru
3 glory - Getting rid of the Maho influence in Slow Tide Harbor
6 glory - Defeating an Oni as a team
3 glory - Invitation for the Imperial Winter Court
1 glory - Invite for tea ceremony from Kakita Ryoku
1 glory - Being at poetry competition where also Emperor is
Honor gained/lost
10 honor - Char creation: question 18
-1 honor - during Topaz Tournament
1 honor - Courage, fight against Lot of enemies
2 honor - Compassion, save Ichiro from death
3 honor - Courage, fight an Oni
6 honor - Duty, go against Toturi for our duty
3 honor - Righteousness, telling the truth against Dragon representative
Experience gained
8 xp - s1-7
3.5 xp - s1-7 log
2.5 xp - s8 + log
2.5 xp - s9 + log
2.5 xp - s10 + log
4.5 xp - s11 (Act 1) + log
1.5 xp - s12 + log
1.5 xp - s13 + log
2.5 xp - s14 + log
2.5 xp - s15 + log
2.5 xp - s16 + log
0.5 xp - s17 + log
5.5 xp - s18 (Act 2a) + log
3.5 xp - s19 (Act 2b) + log
1.5 xp - s20 + log
2.5 xp - s21 + log
2.5 xp - s22 + log
2.5 xp - s23 + log
2.5 xp - s24 + log
3.5 xp - s25 + log
2.5 xp - s26 + log
1.25 xp - s27 + late log
2.5 xp - s28 + log
0.5 xp - s29 + log
5.5 xp - s30 (Act 3) + log
1.5 xp - s31 + log
2.5 xp - s32 + log
1.5 xp - s33 + log
2.5 xp - s34 + log
1.5 xp - s35 + log
2.5 xp - s36 + log
2.5 xp - s37 + log
4.5 xp - s38 + log
1.5 xp - s39 + log
1 xp - s40
2.5 xp - s41 + log
1.5 xp - s42 + log
2.5 xp - s43 + log
2.5 xp - s44 + log
2.5 xp - s45 + log
2.5 xp - s46 + log
1.5 xp - s47 + log
1.25 xp - s48 + late log
1.5 xp - s49 + log
2.5 xp - s50 + log
3.5 xp - s51 + log
Experience used
4 xp - Skill: Martial Arts [Melee]: 1 -> 2 R1: 4 xp
6 xp - Fire Ring 1->2 R1: 3 xp
3 xp - Technique: Warrior's Resolve R1: 3 xp
6 xp - Skill: Martial Arts [Melee]: 2 -> 3 R1: 6 xp
2 xp - Skill: Performance: 0 -> 1 R1: 2 xp
2 xp - Skill: Meditation: 0 -> 1 R1: 2 xp
6 xp - Air Ring 1->2 R2: 3 xp
12 xp - Earth Ring 3->4 R2: 6 xp
3 xp - Technique: Stonewall Tactics R2: 2 xp
3 xp - Technique: Rallying Cry R2: 3 xp
4 xp - Skill: Fitness: 1 -> 2 R2: 4 xp
6 xp - Skill: Command: 2 -> 3 R2: 6 xp
3 xp - Technique: Touchstone of Courage R3: 3 xp
2 xp - Skill: Sentiment: 0 -> 1 R3: 2 xp
3 xp - Technique: Iron Forest Style R3: 3 xp
9 xp - Void Ring 2->3 R3: 5 xp
15 xp - Earth Ring 4->5 R3: 8 xp
2 xp - Skill: Courtesy: 0 -> 1 R3: 1 xp
6 xp - Skill: Government: 2 -> 3 R3: 6 xp
4 xp - Skill: Sentiment: 1 -> 2 R3: 4 xp
3 xp - Technique: Pillar of Calm R4: 2 xp
3 xp - Technique: Rouse the Soul R4: 3 xp
4 xp - Skill: Performance: 1 -> 2 EM: 4 xp
3 xp - Technique: Iaijutsu Cut: Crossing Blade EM: 3 xp
Experience per Curriculum
  • R1 - School Rank 1: 20/20
  • R2 - School Rank 2: 24/24
  • R3 - School Rank 3: 32/32
  • R4 - School Rank 4: 5/44
  • R5 - School Rank 5: 0/60
  • EM - Emerald Magistrate Title: 7/30
Experience totals
Total XP Gained: 116.5 xp
Total XP Used: 114 xp
XP left: 2.5 xp

The Game of Twenty Questions

  1. What clan does your character belong to?
    Lion Clan
    +1 Water Ring, +1 Tactics
  2. What family does your character belong to?
    The Akodo Family
    +1 Earth Ring, +1 Command, +1 Government
  3. What is your character’s school, and what roles does that school fall into?
    Akodo Commander School
    +1 Water Ring, +1 Earth Ring, +1 Command, +1 Fitness, +1 Government, +1 Martial Arts [Melee], +1 Tactics, Kata: Striking as Earth, Shūji: Lord Akodo’s Roar
  4. How does your character stand out within their school?
    Thoroughness, patience, or calm Stoicism is a trait valued greatly in Rokugan, and your character bears challenges and hardships without complaint. Your character’s teachers might have come to rely upon them as an assistant instructor, while their peers are likely to see them as a source of wisdom and stability.
    +1 Earth -> +1 Void Ring
  5. Who is your lord and what is your character's duty to them?
    Masako's lord, Akodo Tamako is a great leader, and except his samurai to serve on the battlefield.
    Giri: serve on the battlefield (and smaller combats)
  6. What does your character long for, and how might this impede their duty?
    Akodo Masako longs for personal glory, the better to ensure her clan's role in Rokugan.
    Ninjō: Personal glory
  7. What is your character’s relationship with their clan?
    Your character believes firmly in the precepts of their clan and the values it holds dear, gain +5 glory based on their reputation as an upstanding member of their community
    +5 Glory
  8. What does your character think of Bushidō?
    If your character’s belief in living by an orthodox interpretation of Bushidō is very staunch, gain +10 honor
    +10 Honor
  9. What is your character’s greatest accomplishment so far?
    At the age of 15, Masako had to fight for her Lord on the battlefield. There they had to fight again an army twice as big as theirs. And while some doubt if they had any chance, Masako kept standing her ground, even when faced with untenable odds. A young girl not being afraid inspired the others to also stand their ground, and this, together with the masterful tactics of the Lion Clan won the battle. Her courage is also one of the reasons why she was chosen to take place in the Topaz Tournament.
    Distinction: Indomitable Will (Earth)
  10. What holds your character back the most in life?
    Her hot-headed brash twin brother Akodo Kiruhage holds her back. He won a duel for who would inherit their mother's holdings by cheating! He hired a Heimin to use a small mirror to reflect the sunlight into her eyes right as Masako wanted to strike. This distracted her for a second and Akodo Kiruhage could strike first. Masako saw the same Heimin a day before the duel took place at their house. When she went looking for the Heimin an hour after the duel had took place, she found him dead. Probably done by her brother to destroy any evidence of his cheating.
    She wants to destroy him, and become a greater, more famous, more honorable samurai than her brother.
    Adversity: Sworn Enemy (Earth)
  11. What activity most makes your character feel at peace?
    Akodo Masako is at peace when studying or making armor and weaponry. It reminds her of the nice moments in her youth, helping her uncle in the armory.
    Passion: Armament (Earth)
  12. What concern, fear, or foible troubles your character the most?
    Akodo Masako was raised by her mother being told to never tell lies. About how important Gi (Honesty and Justice) was of Bushido. And she often felt what lies could do, by the bad example of her brother, and because of this she never tries to lie.
    Anxiety: Painful Honesty (Air)
  13. Who has your character learned the most from during their life?
    Akodo Masako learned the most from Kitsu Asano, her favorite teacher on the Akodo War College. He gave her favorite class, history, where she learned the importance of the past, and remembering what happened, such that the learned knowledge can be applied in the future.
    Distinction: Precise Memory (Earth)
  14. What do people notice first upon encountering your character?
    When nervous, she will tap her fingers on her armor.
    Most of the time she wears the Lacquered Armor made by her uncle. It's a beautiful armor, in lion clan style, but made by a phoenix smith. And Masako herself makes sure it's always in perfect condition.
  15. How does your character react to stressful situations?
    Angrily call out challenges to foes for combat!
  16. What are your character’s preexisting relationships with other clans, families, organizations, and traditions?
    Because her mother Asako Yumi (now Akodo) was from the Phoenix clan, Masako sometimes visited their lands. It was her uncle Asako Okashi, the brother of her mother, who was a smith that made a Lacquered Armor for her. It was made with the beauty and attention of detail for which the Phoenix smiths are famous, but it was made in Lion Clan style. With a lion head on the helm.
    Lacquered Armor
  17. How would your character’s parents describe them?
    She has little memories of her father Akodo Harike, who died serving their lord as one of many during War X when Masako was 5 years old. Her mother Asako Yumi (from Phoenix Clan) took care of Masako and her brother Kiruhage. Her mother was always proud on Masako in contrast to the misbehaviours of her twin brother.
    It was her mother's uncle that inspired her to start smithing herself. And Masako found out how much she liked it, and how it could take her mind away from her daily life, and the continuous conflicts with her twin brother. Her mother liked that Masako spend time with family members from the Asako family and learned their way of smithing.
    +1 Smithing
  18. Who was your character named to honor?
    My character was named after Mika Asako (M.asako), my ancestor from my mothers family, the Asako family. She was known for creating armor so beautiful that it won renown within Rokugan. And others expect me to live up to that legacy.
    Wondrous Work - +5 Glory, +1 Aesthetics
  19. What is your character’s personal name?
  20. How should your character die?
    As a hero, whose deeds are worthy of poetry and song, and is known even among peasants and foreigners.