My shrink put me up to this

20 February 1997

Got home today from Douglas Sparks (my shrink) with a homework assignment. I have to start bloggin about how I feel. Why I'm seeing the shrink and I have to write about it, I'll get to that someday.
At least this is a start, I hope this will be enough for him to satisfy his urges to also pick my thoughts when I'm not on his couch.

Who is Michel

27 February 1997

Doug wasn't happy (hi there Doug); Excpecting a little more, so here goes I guess.

The youger years of Michel van Dyke

Michel (or Mike for friends) was born on June 22nd in 1984. The same day that Virgin altlantic airways launched its first flight from London Heathrow.
My dad, John van Dijk, is a Dutch IT entrepreneur and married to Enya Quinn, who's parents are from Ireland and migrated to the USA to live in Boston. Hence that's the city where I spend a large part of my childhood.
I was raised bi-lingual, so I'm both fluent in English and Dutch. I wonder what good that'll ever do me, but dad considered this sooo important :S.
Anyway, on to the part why I'm currently writing this; A few years ago, in 1994, dad again was out of town/country/whatever, so I was at home alone with mom. Somewhat late at night I hear some weird noise down the stairs. I snuck into the hallway hiding behind the couch. A guy in a ski-mask is searching through some drawers downstairs. When he seems done there he comes walking up the stairs. I have to be really silent not to be heard by him. He silently goes into the guestroom rummaging through some drawers there too, but quickly returns. He then goes into moms room.
Btw. screw you Doug, I'm not going to write this down. She's dead, we all know it. You're getting payed a lot by dad to fix me up, so fix me up in a proper way!

Moved to the west coast

29 February 1997

Boston was cold my dad always complained... Ugh, get over it, but he was always talking about how he fled from Holland to get away from the crappy weather. So after mom had died, dad decided to move to the west coast. San Fransisco to be precise. Dad also relocated his business, so still no time for family stuff, at least he gave me a shrink to talk too.


3 July 1997

Ok, school, or better said, summer holiday! Just finished my first year in highschool. So glad my dad send me to this school as it's the one closest to the bay. Nice view of the golden gate bridge. I just finished this year with highest grades in my class. Screw them that I'm a year older, I got issues to deal with.

Surfs up

8 August 1997

So my dad bought me a surfboard (I'm spoiled, I know, QQ) and I'm spending all summer learning to surf. Pretty cool. Back to the beach, laters...


5 April 1998

It seems Dougs work is starting to pay of. Starting to feel a lot better. Although spending time at the beach a lot, surfing, spending time with my friend, hi Blue!, might have something to do with that. I'll see if I keep up posting, but for now I've got better things to do:

Birthday present

22 June 1999

I hope dad doesn't stop thinking he has to pay of his guilt due to failed parenting. (insert spoiled brat comments here)
He got me a VW van to fix up in my spare time. Blue already has some cool ideas about graphics. I'll just focus on the mechanics. Once it's finished we'll go on a roadtrip to New York to spend the end of the millenium on times square.

Party time!

The van as promised

12 October 1999

Just a quick picture of the van in it's current condition. Nicely done if I may say so myself :)

Happy new-year

5 January 2000

It was freaking awesome. Took ages to get there, although that's what roadtrips are about. Huge party. If I ever can afford it I'm want to live there.

John's new girlfriend

8 September 2002

So John picked up some girl who could have been my sisteri, age-wise. She's even living with us now as his new girlfriend. At least he has less time to annoy me, more time to spend outside! :)
Last year of highschool. I have to decide what to do afterwards. Going to check out the universities I guess. Got me thinking about mom again and what I could do. Might do something like law enforcement or something. Or perhaps psychology as Doug thinks I'd be good at it.
For now not much to worry about though. We'll see coming spring.

SAT's and universities

10 May 2003

SAT score of 2300, eat that chess club, debate club, any other nerd clubs. I beat your scores, got highest in school and I don't have to worry about getting into any university I'd like.
I'm going to major in Law and Psychology as I mentioned in my previous post.
Dad wasn't at the graduation party btw. Too busy with his company, on a business trip to Singapore or something. In case you read this dad, hope your plane crashes on your way back...

Not my thing

2 August 2005

This university studying is so not my thing. Yeah I did pass the first two years. But oh my god how boring can this matter be?
So law school is not the way to go for me to try and do something about the senseless thing which happened to my mom. Being raped and murdered by some sick bastard who was just after some quick cash by pawning jewels... She, nor anyone for that matter, deserves that.
Anyway, time to get practical and start at the Police Academy. With two years law study I won't have a heard time grasping the theoretical stuff they'll teach me there.
Looking forward to it, finally some practical experience!


20 February 2010

So I stood out at the academy, can't help it I'm that good. I caught the attention of the chief of police and he got me into the special victims unit. Here we run into the low-lives just like the one who got to my mom. Payback time.
Ok, payback turned out to be a bitch, at least for the first criminal I could get my hands on. While interrogating this sick individual it was all coming back (yeah Doug, I didn't deal with it yet, happy now? Let's make an appointment soon). The guy was telling us all the gory details about what he did to his victims, and his MO resembled the situation with mom perfectly. So I lost it, and he, nor my colleagues were fast enough. Before he know it he was lying flat on his back being choked to death.
They send me home obviously. But certain strings got pulled and somehow I'm getting away with "just" a note in my file. As long as I never return to an SVU/Vice department ever again.
Spend days and days with Doug, which helped a lot. Thanks! Spend ages surfing which also helped to clear my mind. But it was time to go. I had to get away from here. Away from John, away from the awefull situations I had ran into in this city.