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After the Departure

It's been a generation since the gods left the world and took magic with them. Magic, both divine and arcane, was the one edge the kingdom had against the greyskins and all of a sudden, it disappeared. The sheer numbers of the greyskins proved too much. They quickly overwhelmed a community still reeling with questions of Faith and Magic.

You look up, into the night sky which you see for the first time in ages. Still panting from the two hour run to escape from the greyskins in their moist and moldy prison cave.

Looking around you, you see the people you've befriended while living in the prison. Like-minded people who seemed to stand out from the crowd, even though drawing attention to yourself was a hazardous thing to do. All of them had been locked up in the "special cell" on more than one occasion.
The people who busted you out are talking animatedly among each other. You don't know them, but they look and sound familiar as if they're kindred spirits somehow. It's just a gut feeling but you're rarely wrong about these things.

After the Departure

"After the Departure" was our 2012 RPG campaign. Although the basics were "traditional fantasy", there are several twists. The "civilized" world had been overrun by an evil race after the deities and magic left the world. As the campaign progressed, we scaled up from "party of adventurers" to "ruling the realm" as befits our chosen system, Reign.

"After the Departure" ran for 50 sessions. Character creation was done on 8 January. The campaign proper started on 15 January, 2012; the conclusion was played on 17 March, 2013.

The following can be found here:

How this came to be

When the previous campaign's end came in sight, we decided that the next campaign's GMs would be Mark & Jake. They brainstormed and came up with four different possible campaigns, presented as four teasers. After some additional information the six players voted. After the Departure was the winner, narrowly beating Dead in the Water.

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