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Sandcat RPG stuff

Several members of the Sandcat community play roleplaying games (often abbreviated as RPGs). This part of the site tries to gather all our efforts in this area. Thus, you can find here the session logs of our respective campaigns, reports of one-shots, home-made material and photo galleries.
Most of the site is in English, but some parts are written in Dutch. you have been warned :-).


The site contains the following sections:


Other stuff

What is a roleplaying game (RPG)?

Unfortunately, this is very hard to explain. It's a mixture of interactive storytelling, improvisational theater, wargames and boardgames. This may seem a bit daunting and 'high-brow', but most people who try it, come to enjoy it.
If you want to learn more about what an RPG actually is, we suggest the following two pages: Wikipedia entry: Role-playing game and Ducosim: Wat is een rollenspel? (Dutch).