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Landscape of Diamond
Landscape of Diamond
Photograph of the H23
H23 Vehicle

Red Eagles

Press photograph of a Red Eagle fighter
Photograph of a Red Eagle fighter
Photograph of a Red Eagle flight suit
Red Eagle flight suit
Portrait of Viho Redleg
Viho Redleg
Portrait of Choovio Rosebud
Choovio Rosebud

Chen Family

Portrait of Chen Dong Sun
Chen Dong Sun
Portrait of Chen Soo Hyun
Chen Soo Hyun
Portrait of Chen Min Yung
Chen Min Yung

LeBeau Familiy

Portrait of Jean-Francois LeBeau
Jean-Francois LeBeau
Portrait of Gustave LeBeau
Gustave LeBeau
Portrait of Murielle LeBeau
Murielle LeBeau
Portrait of Gervaise LeBeau
Gervaise LeBeau
Portrait of Patrick Robineau
Patrick Robineau (the butler)


Portrait of Edgar Skarsgard
Edgar Skarsgard
Portrait of Salamon Hunor
Salamon Hunor
Portrait of Felicia
Portrait of Wayne Hagen
Wayne Hagen
Portrait of Adelai Niska
Adelai Niska
Portrait of Nikita Niska
Nikita Niska
Portrait of Giselle Yadin
Giselle Yadin

Unused Cast

Portrait of Brittany Snow
Brittany Snow
Portrait of Dichen Lachman
Dichen Lachman
Portrait of Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu

Campaign document

The GMs used Google Docs to collaborate on the campaign, planning and recapping each session. The final document was polished a bit and you can now read it here: Browncoats [445 KB PDF]. Includes the three original story seeds that spawned the campaign, summaries of all sessions, and notes on the NPCs and locations.

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