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Campaign 2001/2002

During the academic year 2001/2002 several members of the Sandcat RPG community played in a continuous D&D 3rd Edition campaign. Here you can find session logs, player character and NPC descriptions, setting background and so on. Unfortunately for non-Dutch readers, only this frontpage is written in English.

On the name

As many other campaigns, this one simply had no name. How do other people come up with those cool campaign names? Anyways, here are some (silly) suggestions.

  • The Thingy of 5 Parts
  • Black Parts & Other Horrors
  • The Choice and The Apocalypse
  • There and back again and there and back again and there and back again
  • Where the Braveheart Soundtrack Put Us Up To
  • The Unnamed Campaign (TM)
  • The glorious tale of Dintir
  • One man and his broom (and some other people)

Players, characters & DMs

The grand total of 7 people participated in the campaign, not counting various one-session guests. Stijn and Jake were the DMs, and here is the list of players with their respective characters:

Player Character Brief description
Rob Dintir Clumsy survivor, with latent psionic powers
Koe Talasina Merchant, thief, avenger.
Matthijs Lu Tze Monk with a broom!
Xavier Max, later Alastina Barbarian adventurer / gnome alchemist with chipmunk companion
Jeroen Deus Fighter with a nice gay armor :-)

Apart from these regular players we had several guest-players.

Session logs

You can find our session logs here. Basically, they're slightly modified preparation notes. The actual session reports are, as of yet, not typed out. This may change in the future, but I wouldn't put money on it :-). Also, the session logs are written in Dutch.

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