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RPG Weekend II

After the grand success of the first RPG weekend, we had another RPG weekend. Thanks to Stijn for putting us up and to Maartje for bearing a group of noisy snoring men in her house :)


Date:8, 9, 10 Nobember 2002
At:Stijn & Maartje's (thanks for putting us up)

Friday Evening: Alternity

Players:Matthijs, Stijn, Rob, Hugo, Marcel, Ferry, Jake

Report by Hugo

We woke up in a crash site, not knowing each other or how we got here. That was strange. We explored the shiplike thingy and had mucho trouble figuring out how it worked - such as how doors open or that you should speak to the ship's computer in lieu of using a keyboard. Well, we finally managed to pick up a distorted message sending us as a group on a mission to this planet to either prevent or help a group planning to bomb a monument their. We decided to go with the preventing bit.

We headed out to the nearby village. We ran into some badguys, whose asses we whooped due to them being technologically challenged compared to us. Turns out they were planning to bomb the village's temple, so we went there. The locals (who were at Bronze Age technological level) treated us like godlike beings and opened the temple for us. Nice. Some went in, others kept watch. Suddenly two trucks full of people came driving - definately not the locals, so it must be badguys. A firefight followed, we took out their trucks and retreated into the pyramid. A bomb was ticking time off, but we managed to disable it. In the end we got to the pickup point just in time and learned that the air on that planet contained a certain spore which made one lose one's memory.

— Hugo

Saturday morning: Indiana Jones

Players:Matthijs, Jeroen, Rob, Hugo, Marcel, Ferry, Bras, Jake

Report by Hugo

We went to a archeological site, where some badguys were digging. We found leads and split up. Half the party tried to ambush a certain person/badguy, the rest had their fun transporting a truck filled with dynamite to the port. Of course, someone fired upon the truck and in the end we crawled out from a truck crashed into a church. The other guys were more lucky and they got their hands on their badguy.

We got more leads and a map. We went to an abandonded temple, puzzled a bit with some statues and opened up a secret doorway. We entered the doorway, which led into a maze. We got succesfully to the other side (after a couple of traps) and were just in time to see some deranged nazi trying to resurrect a demon. We started combat and managed to damage the demon's coffin so badly, it dissipated. Hurray for us.

— Hugo

Saturday evening: Call of Cthulhu d20

Players:Matthijs, Koe, Stijn, Rob, Hugo, Marcel, Bras, Jake

Spoiler Warning!

Spoilers ahead! I ran the advenure "End Of Paradise" pretty much straight out of the Call of Cthulhu d20 book. If you have any intention of ever playing in this adventure, you may want to skip this section!

— Jake

Report by Hugo

There was about to be a grand opening of an ancient theather which had a sinister background. An accident had occurred, someone had fallen and barely survived. We tried to interview her in the hospital, but to no avail. Her neighbour died while we where there, and lots of weird stuff happened. Going back to the theater, we discovered that the detailed wand relief had a center of evilness - dead bodies, murdered elves, hollow eye sockets, etc...

We found a secret room in the theater's cellar. As soon as we entered, an eerie film of six people in the exact place where we were standing was played. Only, the actors didn't have any faces.

Pretty on edge, we attended the opening night. Well, shit hit fan, a bad guy was completely on fire and propelled by burning film tape towards an evil portal to somewhere. Some of us lost our minds then.

On the game

Horror isn't my thing, and neither is RPG'ing in a current world setting. The combination is pretty freightening (imho), 'cause you start out knowing everything and when weird shit happens, you can picture exactly how you would react... All in all it was a very cool session, and it clarified one thing for me: no horror RPG's for this guy :)

— Hugo

Addendum from the Game Master

This was probably the BESTEST SESSION EVAR for me to run. Seriously, it all came together. This was also the first session I had to warn to players that they were roleplaying too much and that we were running out of time... Can you believe that?
As I said, I ran the adventure "End of Paradise" from the Call of Cthulhu d20 main book. I had asked some advise in this thread on RPGnet, which helped.
Again, I heavily made use of music, most of which is mentioned in this thread. The Quake soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails worked marvellous, as did (to a lesser degree) Boulez, Messiaen and Schönberg.
For the 'balcony scene' I mixed my own version of Carl Orff's O Fortuna with the use of Audacity. I used elements of Nine Inch Nails' 'Underearth' (again, from the Quake Soundtrack), Elton John's 'Funeral For A Friend'. This culminated in this MP3 file. I later added a 'mad laughter' sample that I got from Pop Will Eat Itself's 'Bulletproof'. That version wasn't used, although you can find it here.

— Jake


Sunday around midday: AD&D 2nd Ed. DarkSun

Players:Matthijs, Koe, Stijn, Hugo, Marcel, Jake

Report by Hugo

Thank god we laughed - it was incredibly bad. I tried to guide the group through the DS adventure 'Marauders of Nibenay'. I failed. Let's keep it at that.

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