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This is a collection of the most important, interesting and humorous links we could find regarding our hobby. Enjoy!

What is a roleplaying game (RPG)?

Major Publishers

Of course, these publishers do publish more than the one RPG we mention here...


Likewise, these people did write and design more than the few books we mention here.

  • Phil Masters, author of GURPS Discworld and The Swashbuckler's Handbook.
  • Bruce Baugh, author of Adventure!, developer of Nobilis 2nd Edition and Gamma World d20, etc. He also contributes to this group weblog: Rock Scissors Blog.
  • Monte Cook, co-designer of D&D 3rd Edition and Call Of Cthulhu d20.
  • Matthew McFarland, developer of White Wolf's Dark Ages line. Has some neat "How to run Game X" essays on his page.
  • Gamethink is a collaborative blog by many industry pros.
  • Greg Stolze's homepage collects his thoughts on his work, that ranges from Over The Edge via Feng Shui and Unknown Armies to Meatbot Massacre.

Magazines & Other Supporting Sites

  • Medieval demographics made easy, so how many people are living where?
  • RPG Blog provides RPG News, Reviews, and Analysis. Or so it says.
  • RPGnet, chock-full with columns and reviews.
  • Pen & Paper, complete with a massive RPG database.
  • EN World, everything you ever wanted to know about d20-system products.
  • Places To Go, People To Be, an Australian magazine with many, many articles, amongst them A History of Roleplaying.
  • The Harrow RPG Archive by Dru Pagliassotti contains quite a few articles. Not as deep perhaps as some of RPGnet's offerings, but that can be seen as an advantage.
  • The Wraith Project harbours a great many articles on Wraith: The Oblivion and is updated monthly. This site continues even as the line is officially discontinued and gives lots of interesting possibilities.
  • Not sure where I should put The Blue Room, the homepage of author S. John Ross. He's got lots of goodies, including fonts, interesting articles on licensed RPGs and medieval demographics, and of course, the free Pokethulhu game!
  • Kenneth Hite (esteemed RPG author for numerous publishers) recently moved his excellent Out Of The Box column of RPG reviews to Gaming Report. Which is an excellent news site by itself, come to think of it.
  • The local RPG club has an attractive website and a corny name: The Knights Of The Kitchen Table
  • Daedalus is a free e-zine, published by Matt Snyder from Chimera Creative — and although there's only one issue yet, there's plenty of high-quality writing to be found here. Don't be put of by the subtitle, "Editorial workshop for the role-playing hobby".
  • See Page XX is a relatively new column by Robin D. Laws, author of Feng Shui and HeroQuest.
  • Andrew Rilstone's site is another one that is not easily categorized. But you should visit his, if only for his excellent, insightful reviews of books, RPGs and movies.

The History Of

d20 System Reference Documents

To learn more about the d20 system, the Open Gaming License and assorted stuff, check out Wizard of the Coast's d20 Home Page and The Open Gaming Foundation. Some direct links follow:

Fun RPG stuff

Online Shops & Stores

Just some pointers. Some more pointers can be found in this thread on the RPGnet Forums.

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