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Out of Game resources

In-Game resources

The reading of the cards

This card tells of a powerful force for good and protection, a holy symbol of great hope.

Find the mother-she who gave birth to evil.

This card tells of history. Knowledge of the ancient will I help you better understand your enemy.

I see a kneeling woman-a rose of great beauty plucked too soon. The master of the marsh knows of whom I speak.
Your enemy is a creature of darkness, whose powers are I beyond mortality. This card will lead you to him!

I see a secret place-a vault of temptation hidden behind a woman of great beauty. The evil waits atop his tower of treasure.
This is a card of power and strength. It tells of a weapon of vengeance: a sword of sunlight.

Look for a wizard's tower on a lake. Let the wizard's name and servant guide you to that which you seek.

This card sheds light on one who will help you greatly in the battle against darkness.

Your greatest ally will be a wizard. His mind is broken, but his spells are strong.

Map of Barovia

  1. Old Svalich Road
  2. Gates of Barovia
  3. Svalich Woods
  4. River Ivlis
  5. Village of Barovia
  6. River Ivlis Crossroads (Gallows)
  7. Tser Pool encampment
  8. Tser Falls
  9. Black Carriage
  10. The Castle Gates
  11. Castle Ravenloft
  12. Lake Zarovich
  13. Mad Mage of Mount Baratok
  14. Town of Vallaki
  15. Old Bonegrinder
  16. Luna River Crossroads
  17. Argynvostholt
  18. Raven river Crossroads
  19. Village of Krezk
  20. Ruins of Berez
  21. Rudolf von Richten's Tower
  22. Wizard of Wines
  23. Yester Hill

Session 32

Tsolenka Pass
The Roc at Tsolenka Pass
The Amber Temple

Session 29

The Baron and Baroness of Krezk Village
Otto and Zigfired, the two guards at the monestary

Session 27

The Holy Symbol found in the tomb of Queen Ravenovia

Session 26

The thighbone found in the crypts

Session 25

Rahadin, the chamberlain of Strahd
Luvash and Arrigal, the leaders of the Vallaki Vistani troupe
Gadof Blinsky, the puppetmaker
The room where the characters ended up: This room is thirty feet square, rising to a twenty-foot-tall flat ceiling. A stone brazier burns fiercely in the center of the room, but its tall white flame produces no heat. The rim of the brazier is carved with seven cup-shaped indentations spaced evenly around the circumference. Within each indentation is a spherical stone, twice the diameter of a human eyeball and made of a colored crystal. No two stones are the same color. Overhead, a wood-framed hourglass as tall and wide as a dwarf hangs ten feet above the brazier, suspended from the ceiling by thick iron chains. All the sand is stuck in the upper portion of the hourglass, seemingly unable to run down into the bottom. Written in glowing script on the base of the hourglass is a verse in Common. Two nine-foot-tall iron statues of knights on horseback, poised to charge with swords drawn, stand in deep alcoves facing each other. The brazier sits between them.

The verse on the hourglass reads:
Cast a stone into the fire:
Violet leads to the mountain 'spire'
Orange to the castle's peak
Red if lore is what you seek
Green to where the coffins hide
Indigo to the master's bride
Blue to ancient magic's womb
Yellow to the master's tomb

Session 21

Emil Toranescu, the prisoner in the castle dungeon
Emil Toranescu in his werewolf form
The zombies that attacked in the torture chamber

Session 20

The black carriage waiting at the crossroads to Castle Ravenloft
The portrait in the upper room in the tower
The small servant in the cellars of the castle

Session 19

Mordenkainen, the Mad Mage of Mount Baratok

Session 18

Wintersplinter, the huge tree destroying the Winery
Rudolf von Richten, the vampire hunter

Session 17

Davian Martikov, the owner of the Wizard of Wines
A twig blight that has overrun the Winery

Session 15

Godfrey, the knight in the great hall
Page from the book found in Argynvostholt

Session 13

The statue in front of Argynvostholt

Session 12

Strahd's Invitation

Session 11

Rictavio's Tower
Door of Rictavio's Tower

Session 10

Baba Lysaga
The book found beneath the memorial of Marina
The readable pages from the book

Session 9

The burgomaster of Vallaki his wife and his dogs

Session 8

Hendrik van der Voort
A member of the 'family' at the Coffin Makers' shop

Session 7

The Carnival Wagon
The Innkeeper Martikov and his family
The trappers Szoldar and Yevgeni
Milivoj, the boy from the church

Session 6

Old Bonegrinder

Session 5

Madam Eva

Session 4

Ismark, Ireena's brother
Donavich, the priest
The old lady with the cart full of pastries

Session 3

The item in the wooden box
The tentacle creature
in the dungeon dining room
The living mound near the altar

Session 2

The First Drawing found in the study
The Second Drawing found in the study
The Third Drawing found in the study
The Last Drawing found in the study
Content from the secret library
The Animated Armor upstairs

Session 1

Stanimir Telling a Story
The Gates of Barovia
Svalich Forest
The Village of Barovia
Rose and Thorn

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