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Galaxy timeline
Date Happening
2131 Corporate upper echelon is on the ships. Corporate business is without upper management and resources are low. Already thinned out corporate armies are trying to establish control. But almost no wages can be paid, morale is low.
2134 The corporate restructuring wars ensue. Weapons of mass destruction are used (Nothing nuclear though,there are more effect weapons without destroying infrastructure). Huge population decrease though.
2158 After the wars the space tabboo is no longer viable. Precious resources are used on the colonisation and mining of the Sol system.
2168 Valuable resources found on the moon, deep inside the rock.
2170 Moon mining bases start to pop up and extensive colonisation of the moon ensues.
2174 Asteroid belt delivers tons of resources. Especially the dwarf planet Ceres is found to be of wealth.
2178 Space elevators connect Earth with Orbit Stations. Hundreds of thousands live there now.
2179 Dangerous Anti-Matter engines are invented.
2180 Multiple missions to the Kuiper Belt. More valuable resources found.
2181 Hydrogen and Helium stations are build in orbit around Jupiter.
2195 First mission to Alpha Centauri. They arrive there but had to eject their Anti-Matter drive before it blew. They were stuck and everyone died. They were able to send their mission data back though.
2199 News from Alpha Centauri arrives. Colonisation might be a possibility.
2201 New missions to Alpha Centauri, Barnard Star and Ross 154.
2207 Kuiper Belt mining operations put Earth in a stable position of survival.
2210 All missions repeat the previous scenario. Anti-Matter drives are mostly safe until they are either turned off or burn through their fuel.
2212 Space gates prototype invented. Possibility to create small wormholes between gates. One cubic cm can be sent over a distance of .2 lightyear.
2215-30 Anti-Matter drives projects keep on failing
2219 AI's are banned
2242 Biggest space gate yet, with a diameter of 1.7 meters, is to be sent to Alpha Centauri with an unmanned Anti-Matter ship.
2243 Space gate doesn't want to align itself with it's twin around Earth.
2245 Human mission with an all new 3.2 meter space gate sent to Alpha Centauri.
2247 Human side gate receives a sync from Alpha Centauri. Shuttle is sent through. It returns the next day with news that all but the gate is gone. The rest simply disappeared. This came to be a Corporate secret and was kept quiet for the next 40 years.
2248 Alpha Centauri exploration started.
2250 Viable planet for habitation and mining found around Proxima Centauri (name: Hiele). Gate too small to send in anything worth beginning.
2258 Gate size stuck on 5.3 meters. Small vessels start sending equipment to Hiele anyway.
2260 Small base on Hiele build.
2268 Gate to Barnard Star set up. Crew returns successful.
2272 Gate to Ross 154 synchronised.
2278 New resource found on Vety around Barnard Star. This durable and super strong material allows gates to be easily enlarged.
2280 Galactic Colonisation begins.
2308 Signs of other, though dead, civilisation found. Corporations change this news into rumors. General population does not believe this to be true.
2350 Multiple planets with Earth at it's center form Common Wealth.

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