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Just another routine job

"Samuel was right, she did look kind of attractive. Very attractive actually." Her skirt was barely long enough to hide the upper rim of her black silk stockings and from this distance her white blouse looked almost see-through. Her make-up, although obviously present, did not look cheap, but rather very distinguished and her blond hairdo was no doubt recently designed by a visit to an overpaid hairdresser. "Shit, she is almost too attractive to fry her brain.", Jack mused while he looked through the scope of his high-powered laser rifle. Almost out of habit, he started to wonder: What might the motives of his employer be to have this subject 'taken care of'; Jack never thought of his targets as people as this would only complicate his line of work. Who his employer might be for that matter, for Samuel, the fixxer he usually got his assignments from, made a habit of not telling Jack anything besides the bare minimum to accomplish his job. "C'mon, stay focused, this is just another job, even if it is a pretty one. With the money your making on this you can have her in the holochambers as long as you like." Jack calmed himself and repositioned himself behind the tripod of his rifle. Looking through the scope again, he instantly cursed himself for getting distracted by his thoughts. "Where the hell did she go?" Adjusting the zoom-level of his rifle he quickly found her in an adjacent room, behind a large oak desk, probably hers. He zoomed in again and startled, because she turned her head and looked directly at him. "She can't possibly see me, I'm over 300 yards away." Jack comforted himself.

Suddenly the high-resolution display on his wristwatch lit up. "I'll double anything you're being paid if you back down from your rifle and come work for me." Astonished Jack watched as the image of an attractive blond woman appeared in his wristwatch display, looking scarily familiar. "How?" was all he could manage as an answer.
"How I knew who and where you are? Let's not bother with such unimportant issues. Sufficient is to say I know who Jack Sanders is and why you were given the job to make a pathetic attempt on my life. "Who are you? Where did you get my id?" were the next two things Jack wanted to know. "Who I am? That you will possibly learn in due time. For the moment you should only trouble yourself with making a simple choice: work for Samuel or work for IngraTech. I probably will not have to explain to you what would be the more healthy choice." Jack thought he saw the lady smile sadistically before the display on his watch went grey again. He even wasn't surprised that the lady knew who Samuel was. As in a trance, his mind barely coping with all the different thoughts racing through it, Jack disassembled his rifle and stowed it away in his large black canvas bag.

"Fuck Samuel. If this chick can reach me this easy, who knows what else she might be capable of." Jack thought while he exited the elevator of the housing tower and crossed the street. Still a bit kept back he walked to the impressive main entrance of a skyscraper a bit down the road. A multi-storey advertisement display attributed the building to a company named IngraTech. "I have an appointment." he stated to the doorkeeper with all the confidence he could boast. "Ofcourse you do Mr. Sanders." The doorkeeper answered him with a smile, instantly shattering Jack's petty excuse of an act. Taking one last look upwards at the massive building, Jack felt himself incredibly small, in all possible meanings of the word.

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