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Coscarla Division Briefing
Reference/Subject: Coscarla Division, (Geo/Dem)
Designation: Workers Habitation Zone
Locale: Mastraven Zone, Lower Mid-Tiers, Landward Quadrant, Hive Sibellus
Hive Co/Ord: 2345#Σ/789/9870001
Preparation: Autosavant Dal Maxentia
Attribution: Interrogator Omardha Sand
Ordinanator: Conclave Calixis/Covenant Sibellus/Chamber Obscuro
TFTD: “History is but a catalogue of counted sins”

Geohistorical and Demographic Overview:

The Coscarla Division is a sub-district of Hive Sibellus on the Sector Capitol world of Scintilla. Built in the remains of what was once the splendour of the House Coscarla Estates, the district is a seventy kilometre square conglomeration of warren-like tenement-habs and their attendant infrastructure that has grown up between the vast ruined arches and fallen statuary of its noble past.

The Coscarla was until recent years a relatively prosperous mid-hive district, predominantly populated by indentured labour classes, but has since suffered deprivation, disaster and a loss in status thanks to a series of misfortunes and incidents. Primary among these have been the damage caused buy unrestrained wildfires during the recent Rienholt Blackouts (the Coscarla being one of seventeen effected hive zones), although the long term withering of the fortunes of the Tantalus Combine, (see Addendum) had begun to have significant adverse effects long before that calamity.

The Coscarla Division currently awaits Administratum revaluation of its status (projected due process time until preliminary ruling: 3-7 years standard), but unsub-data indicates over 60% of the Coscarla is now effectively a waste/scav zone and the viable population is now confined to smaller sub-zones clustered around transit and utility access points. The division’s population is also in catastrophic decline, its infrastructure remains effectively crippled and lawlessness, poor social cohesion and poverty all exponentially increasing year-on-year.

Addendum: [The State of the Tantalus Combine]

The Combine, a long-standing cartel of several Houses Minoris of the Sibellan nobility has seen a drastic decline in its fortunes over the last decade. Its fall from power has been brought on by hostile competition from the Skaelen-Har Hegemony and severe damage to its assets and prestige endured during the period of intrigues and vendettas known popularly as the “Vthorran Promenades” [cert.ref: Activities of the Lucid Court].

The resulting effects on several districts of the Sibellus and Tarsus Hives, formerly under the Combine’s sway, have been profound. In the Coscarla Division where Tantalus was the majority power, the Combine has sold on the indenture contracts of thousands of skilled workers and the labour force that remains now works only to meet their master’s debts. As a result, whole swathes of families have been up-rooted or have deserted from the district, thus the effective economic and monetary input to the region is now negligible.

The Tantalus Combine is suffering a long, drawn-out death and is kept going only by its own fading inertia and the legal wrangling over the disposition of its carcass. It has ceased to exist effectively as a cohesive organisation or political entity.

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