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Dead in the Water

Yeah, the guy sure looked dead. No doubt about that. Disembowelment will do that to a guy. As would the slit throat. Not that the ritual scarification would’ve been nice, but those scars had been there a lot longer and hadn’t killed him. But there was one detail that actually disturbed you once you saw it. Krueger just had to mention it, didn’t he. It looked like the victim’s right foot had been nibbled upon.

You were just looking for a place to spend the night. You and your fellow... What was the word Raphaela used to the guard? Ah yes, investigative specialists. Well, you and your fellow specialists are always on the look-out for some extra coin.

Just a place to spend the night and perhaps let Helga and Jean-Paul earn some extra money by playing some cards with the local dimwits. Her cleavage to distract them, Jean-Paul to card-shark them out of their meager finances.

But once you were let into the town you noticed a lot of commotion on the town square. Seemed the entire population of the quarter was gathered there. With some shoves left and some boots on toes on the right you managed to push through the crowd. In the torchlight you saw the corpse. Pallid and bloated — it had probably floated in the river for some days before it was found.

Raph then whispered to the others: “This is a chance. We can turn this to our advantage! These people don’t know what caused this!”

- “By the Dwarf King’s beard! And you do, lass?”

- “Of course, master dwarf,” came her glib reply. “And if we don’t we’ll make something up.”

Before you knew it your “business partner” had offered the services of you and your fellow “irregular freelancers” and you were pledged to find the cause of this unfortunate fellow’s death.

Only then did Krueger notice the teeth marks. By those enormous teeth.