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The Mage Page

Having enjoyed one oneshot mage, I ran into a difficult aspect of MageTM: the magic used must be "cloaked" (explainable) as an everyday occurrence - no fireballs, but molotov cocktails are okay.

But on top of that, each and every mage has a belief system which tells him (her), why (s)he can perform magic and how it works. While achieving the first aspect is (in my opinion) an interesting puzzle for players, achieving a consistent explanation for the magic with the second effect while keeping the first effect can be a nightmare. And I don't really like nightmares. (and yes, I do think the Mage book doesn't provide enough of this for all Traditions)

So, here is The Mage Page. It's aim is to provide players of Mage with a magical concept with which they can explain all the magic they want. You don't need to use these ideas, but maybe they can help.
The magical views of the world are given per Tradition.

Hugo, Sat Jun 5 13:37:38 CEST 2004


Your archetypical D&D wizard would fit this category nicely.


Your archetypical voodoo-practitioner would fit nicely here.

Virtual adepts

Using (a sort of) Matrix view means you do not always need some gadget to connect to some network. The world consists of ... code (for lack of a better word) and VA's can play with that. To some degree. This is not to say VA's expect to be lying in some sort of goo, providing energy for a race of dominant machines, but the world does consist of code.

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