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Teaser Trailer

As posted here:

(shot of a small town, Plymouth, laying beside a sparkling azure bay. The sun is shining, merry sounds are heard)

Voice-over by Geoffrey Rush:

It's the Year of Our Lord, Sixteenhundred-and-Seventy-two...

(shots of some of our heroes)

...Many a man and woman has been drawn to the Caribbean...

(shot of a flag, bearing St George's Cross, which is suddenly drawn taut by a gale)

...But a storm is brewing...

(shot of storm clouds speeding across the bay, where white foam heads the waves. Thunder is heard.)

...What will Fate bring?!

(shot of a shambling pirate zombie. Lightning flashes, all sounds suddenly stop)

(sounds pick up, pace of background music quickens)

...this Spring...

(fly-by shot of a small pirate ship, bearing the skull & bones and in full sail, cruising in a firm wind)

... a motley crew gathers...

... to fight ...

(shot of two rapiers clashing, sparks are flying)

... to woo ...

(shot of a feisty, beautiful girl kissing a ruggedly handsome guy)

... to carouse.

(shot of two mugs of foaming ale are raised and clunked)
(screen dissolves into blackness. A match is struck, and flaming golden letters come into view.)


What will Fate deliver?

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