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Session 2 (Deon)

Played on 2005/04/24

As recorded by Deon Ridgeway, private, EESF1

August 4, 2364 (continued)

As I said, this day was bewildering. After having our flight stole from under our noses, we made one discovery after the other. Where was I?

Late in the afternoon, Lewis' secretary told us she was in a confidential meeting and wasn't available. When asked, however, she pointed us to Casey's CO, one Captain Johan Olafson, Explorations. Of course, he was off to dinner when we got there. In the cantine, he wouldn't talk to us. Bastard.
Quickly eating something for ourselves, we waited until Olafson was finished. I quickly followed him when he was finally done. He was a bit surprised when we knocked on his door only seconds after he had closed it.

Olafson told us a lot. One thing is that Lewis' orders were revoked at 1700h, leaving us without authority.
Olafson also told us about Casey. Seems Casey was a fair pilot, made better by his hunches and intuition. Olafson accepted him upon recommendation and was still training him in Explorations. This baffled me — Casey an Explorer? Bah. Casey got problemns with functioning about a month ago, when he began focussing on topics outside of his work. Olafson graciously granted him extended leave to sort his stuff out.

Olafson made a good impression on me and I decided to take Olafson into confidence and showed him the untitled starmap. The captain then determined that the map was made by the rimship Genesis some time ago. Strangely enough, the map hadn't made it into the official archives. (Meanwhile, we were in the Maproom, some hideously expensive and over-funded tech toy. Lamont ate his heart out.)
Oriku then confided in Olafson and told him everything, including the theft of the Banshee. The captain only knows about Clark and Roberts by name, but he tried to help us. Even though we got off on the wrong foot, I now have a good feeling about that Olafson. He told us to continue our investigations. Not in so many words, but it was pretty obvious that he didn't want us to stop now Lewis' orders were revoked.

I'll now try and compose a message to Mum, telling her that I'll visit Casey some time soon. Or something equally vague.

August 5, 2364

For once I was on time this morning. Oriku seemed somewhat taken aback by this, but I was eager to pursue what little clues remained us.
Quaint as it was, Stg. Maj. Lewis joined us in our cantine. She never comes there. Never. Which showed in the way she looked at the jelly as if it was some kind of alien substance. Yes, officer, that's edible. She told us in a hushed voice it'd maybe be better that we continued our research. After this vague statement she left.
Corporals Withmore and Williams also joined us. Angelo said something I didn't quite catch, but Theresa was grinning. She then insinuated that my brother is a traitor. As Oriku learned me, I first tried to control myself. Counting to 20, I asked her to repeat it, which she did. That did it, and with one swing with my hand (left! I was controlling myself!) I hit her so she flew some tables back. Bitch! I know Casey's stuff looks weird, but he. is. not. a. traitor. Full stop.
Jack jumped on Angelo and began hitting him on his babyface. I know Jack has some weird priorities, but it's nice to see he's got my back. Before we got to punish the two corporals for their insolence, Lamont and Oriku struggled to get Jack and me under control. After counting till 10 again, I followed them out of the cantine.

Ridgeway out.

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