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Setting introduction


The images of the green beaches of Azalon Freeworld fade from my eyes as my far too cheery calendar pops up in a corner of my vision. "24 hour warning: Report back to base command at 1500 hours Earth Central Time" she reports me happily. The last day of my well deserved holidays, only twenty four hours left. I suddenly remember that I have been staring into space through the huge window of the civilian space terminal in orbit around Jupiter. The only things that can be seen from this view are a small part of the planet below us, the jumpgate and a military transport slowly moving towards it. Even though Jupiter is mainly a Military base, people from Earth and other outworlds still come to visit and see the majestic gas cloud formations on the surface of Jupiter. Ever since we have been inserting Jupiterjuice into the atmosphere in 2193, the clouds have been getting a certain amount of glueyness and shine that give an awesome view. People look at me strangely as I laugh at myself. A highly guarded secret given such a simple name, because we cant pronounce the seventeen syllable one. I quickly let my dictionary run over the word in a useless attempt to ever be able to pronounce it.

The background buzz of the jumpgate fades into nothingness as the military transport disappears through the ring. I have always been told that there is no background buzz to the jumpgate technology and that sound does not travel through space. But somehow I have always been able to feel the wormhole behind it. As if it truly is a living entity that has chosen to give man its time and attention to travel the depths of its being. No scientist has ever been able to explain what I feel when the jumpgates are active and I have never met anyone that feels the same. The doctors say I am imagining it; my mates sometimes tease me with it. But I cannot deny what I feel and one day I will find out what it is.

I look at the time above the calendar and sigh. A three hour wait for a 42 minute flight, even after all this time it seems man cannot make time schedules.

I start to close my eyes again as suddenly the buzz starts up again. I uninterestingly look at the gate at what might appear through the one mile wide gate. I raise my eyebrow as the activity lights of the gate stay on all clear. Nothing is coming through the gate but I can feel a wormhole trying to pinpoint the space somewhere near us to create an insert point. Suddenly I am almost blinded by a flash of light a little way of to the right of the ring. I stare in awe as I see one of the biggest creations man has ever made. An exploring Rimship appears where the flash of light was just a second earlier. Two and a half miles of slick metal alloy. One of the few exploring ships that travel to the edges of explored human space to search for new resources and new places to colonize. More than three quarters of the ship hold the main engine which allows the ship to travel through wormholes without using the jumpgates. Though it is rumored that a new technique has been created that allow any size ship to travel this way, I do not truly believe this. We have been stuck on this size for many decades. Not many people ever see a wondrous ship as this one, as most of the time they stay away from Earth for years before they come back to share what they have found. As a military researcher for the Eurasian Confederation, I have been stationed at Jupiter many times and even for me this has only been the second time I see one.

Many people crowd towards the glass to have a good look at the one of the highest forms of human technology as the ship slowly drifts toward Jupiter to refuel. This probably means more delays in travel schedules today. I turn around and wade through the crowd towards my connection as the buzz of the wormhole slowly fades away again.

Some General info

It's the year 2364 in Earth years. Humanity seems to be the sole sentient life form alive in the galaxy today. Technology has come far. Ships can fly at sublightspeed towards any goal they might want to visit within a star system and jumpgate technology has enabled humans to travel to other nearby star systems.
Traveling on the more civilized and further developed worlds is done by either an extensive on-demand public transport-system or by using fast hovering and flying vehicles. The more recently settled worlds make do with only the privately-owned flying and hovering transport vehicles.

Brain and other human enhancements are widely available, though the more sophisticated technology is only for the more wealthy part of the human population. Almost all diseases have been cured by the widespread use of nanotechnology. Robotics is introduced in many facets of life, ranging from human-controlled military exo-skeletons to a major replacement of traditional manual labor. Although artificial intelligence research has continued for many years, real awareness still remains reserved to humans.

Asteroid mining and fuel extraction from for example Jupiter are major businesses. Many other planets have been colonized to expand the human race. Though many a planet has chosen to have a separate government, most of them are united under the Earthen Flag of collaboration. Earth is united under one bigger government, but the different parts still make most of their own decisions and laws. Though officially no wars exist in our galaxy, the military still gets enough money to make and equip huge battle cruisers and orbital defense systems. Trade by both large corporations and smaller traders is a constant fact between worlds.

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