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Session 10 (Kheldar)

Played on 2004/11/07

As written by the hand of Kheldar

27th Day of Danu, 999 NE (continued)

Beh'larah and I had arrived at House Todande. My attire included some unusual items for attending a social gathering, but since I would be thought of as "belonging" with an Aes Sedai, I expected little comment.

Of course, since Beh'larah was invited as a full Aes Sedai (with "servant"), it would not do to let the staff address her directly. So I naturally intercepted them and lowered my voice, as if not to affront her ladyship by these trifling matters. I admit, it did amuse me.

The party itself wasn't really that interesting. After having introduced the Lord and Lady of the house to Beh'larah (yup, still considering it fun), the party deteriorated into a lot of "conversation" - had the party attendants been commoners, the word gossip would have fit. In all honesty I will admit that this sort of thing would have been perfectly suited to me, had I myself been invited. However, as a dangling afterthought belonging to the Aes Sedai (which would be a normal impression for most attendants) I felt more akin to an ornament than to a partygoer.

I did manage to get the gust of topics being discussed, however. They limited themselves almost exclusively to House Karistovan's new theater (which would be opened on New Year's Day) and the strange behaviour of the weather.

After about an hour we made our leave and headed for House Karistovan. We found Tadra waiting for us. Apparently there had been some sort of miscommunication and she was under the impression that she was supposed to wait at the Karistovan's party for us. She had even managed to leave a bad impression with the hired ferrymen, something which I tried to smooth over.

Tryane had also appeared, but Eleya was still missing. As it would not do for noble ladies to be waiting in the night, we boarded a ferry large enough to bring our horses along as well. I once again talked to the staff and got our party announced as "Beh'larah Sedai and Tryane Sedai" - strictly speaking a lie, but it was what the people expected.

The way Tryane was acting in no way reminded me of the girl I had known. I decided it was time to remind her about herself and the reason we were here, but how? In a flash it popped into my mind: I should have introduced Tryane as Eadrica. That would, hopefully, at least get her thinking about what she was doing.

The party lasted for some time. Tryane tried to talk to many nobles of Houses whose invitation she had declined. This struck me once more as a queer attempt at playing politics. Eleya arrived later and turned out to be in a party mood, flirting a bit with the various young gentlemen. Tadra was a sight to behold, with her bow marking her location in the gathered crowd. Beh'larah seemed to handle this party like the previous one.

Only two notable things happened: first, a figure clad in dark clothes was admitted and quickly led into a side room by Raab. Naturally, various schemes to eavesdrop on this conversation were dreamed up and some were attempted, without positive result however.

Secondly, around midnight the doors burst open and in came Prince Beslan and Matrim Cauthon. That was quite a startling surprise to us all, I would say. To find the self-appointed general go party crashing with his apparent buddy, the Royal heir, gave us quite a different impression than the one he had left when he and his army had visited Salidar. I vaguely recall that although he did not arrive on the friendliest terms, that swiftly changed and in the end he had actually led his army on a mission given to him by the Sisterhood.

The rest of the party would have been great, had I myself been invited. As it was, I was an add-on to an interesting party and thus once again preferably ignored. I could begin to see how some people would come to think that "these witches rule my life", though it was far from that bad. However, it served to reinforce my decision to spend more time doing what I wanted instead of what was convenient for the Sisterhood.

On the way back we were accosted by Isana Telena, the healer with the rather obvious lack of respect for the Accepted that Beh'larah had mentioned. She had managed to eavesdrop on Raab's conversation with the figure in black. She claimed that during the opening of House Karistovan's theater, an attempt at the Queen and her son would be made.

The obvious course to follow was of course to warn the Queen of the coming danger. The Accepted should have no problem in arranging an audience (given the swiftness of our previous reception at the Queen's). Of course, it would be a mistake to accuse House Karistovan there, seeing as how powerful they were. So her majesty would have to be warned that the "Sisters" had learned that an attempt against her life would be made during the opening of the theater. Coming from (suspected) Aes Sedai, she would be sure to act on such a pronounced and exact threat. Her actions could be further strengthened by the presence of the Accepted - and, for that matter, possibly Tadra and myself might also prove helpful.

As I started to explain this, Islana sneered in my face: "Oh sure, she is going to believe some petty librarian!"

I admit that I can be petty at times, and this was one of those times. Then again, I deserve some credit, this woman (yet again a woman! Light!) was clearly not out to make friends with me. Her attitude angered me. Compound this with the way I already had been feeling and it is understandable that I was quite angered by her remarks.

The Accepted did most of the talking. A short while later we arrived at The Blessing and I turned in, feeling more than a bit unhappy and in need of some normal interaction with normal people.

28th Day of Danu, 999 NE

This morning, an invitation to the Queen's celebration of the Feast of Light had arrived. While it was (yawn) once again discussed, Tadra and I made our way to the inn where Mat was staying (as Tryane had learned the previous evening).

Tadra's actions prompted a quick depart from said inn, but not before I left a short note inviting Mat to join us at The Blessing. Tadra and I returned, and a short while later Tryane and Eleya left for the exact same purpose. I couldn't hide a chuckle. For all their talking, these women rarely had the good sense to actually listen.

When the two Accepted returned, our plans for hindering the attempt at the Queen were discussed. One plan was to prevent the opening (and thus postponing the attempt) by wreaking havoc to the theater, for example by flooding it or by burning it. This was immediately promoted to backup plan, as was the plan to prevent the succesful execution of the attempt.

My stomach reeled at yet another day like this, and thus I informed if my presence was required. It was not, so I decided to take the day off and do some things that I liked. This decision lifted a burden from me and I felt uplifted by it. I agreed to meet the ladies for dinner at The Blessing and that was it - I was free!

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