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Session 19 (Kheldar)

Played on 2005/02/13

As written by the hand of Kheldar

11th Day of Taisham, 1000 NE (continued)

Unfortunately, according to the innkeeper, Lord Gaebril resides at the palace. This precluded the planned excursion. The atmosphere became more agitated as we discussed further options. I stated that there seemed to be three main routes for us to explore, and explained that these consisted of an investigation into Lord Gaebril's involvement, a rather forceful visit to the House, and attempting to unravel the protective measurements installed by our adversaries. To this, Tryane answered that she would rather seek to slay a Myrddraal with a spoon than to unravel a weave.

This was cause for some merriment and broke the rising tension. Soon, the conversation returned to the question at hand, and I was more or less commanded to acquire the chest Tadra had mentioned by any subtle means I might posess. The manner in which this instruction was delivered, as if I were a simple servant at their beck and call, and the apparent unwillingness to consider the larger picture, was an infuriating affront to me. They all seem content to pawn their troubles off to me. For all their commentary on my solitary adventures, they were still the ones sending me out!

So I conceded with a simple 'okay', kept my thoughts to my own (Weaver knows I have divulged them before, and it is not my role in this party to provide clearheaded leadership!) and departed with a lonely feeling. Just before I reached the corner, Tadra caught up to me and explained she wanted to join me. Although she was probably more interested in acquisition of the chest than my company, her presence still seemed like a balm to that abandoned feeling that had been inflicted upon me.

My original plan was to lay low until after midnight, and then investigate the premises. Tadra was, as usual, more inclined to direct action. As I had nothing better to do, and felt inclined to help Tadra out, I accompanied her. I took a back-seat to the proceedings (standing at the other side of the street), as Tadra opened the back door of the House. It was scarcely after dinner, and Tadra was attempting a break-in without any precautions. I shook my head. She may be a friend, but she really ought to learn to temper her enthusiasm with caution!

As she opened the door, the old maid started screaming and ran out the front door, probably fetching reinforcements. Tadra hardly seemed to care about it, but as I read the situation things might get tense shortly. Therefore, I found myself a secluded spot where I had a good view of the location. A short while later, there was a blinding flash from the House.

Feeling somewhat unsure of Tadra's fate - although she has shown to be able to stomach much more than me in terms of physical assault - I came forth from my spot and met Eleyah and Beh'larah at the door. As we were standing there (and I still feel we ought to have gracefully retreated and disregard this blundering attempt), a blast of fire sprang forth from the hallway and washed over us. That did it; the assault was on in earnest! However, my emotions were quickly tempered by the realisation that our enemies did indeed possess the ability to channel the One True Power.

The one adversary in the Hall was taken care of rather quickly, but then we faced a problem. How does one overtake an enemy whom has gained high ground, and who only needs to see you to launch a devastating attack? It felt ridiculous to tarry at the staircase, but the danger was no less real. Beh'larah had hardened the air over the stairs, but when I ventures a short look, my hair suddenly was on fire. It was apparent that a physical barrier was insufficient against the One Power. I decided to try to provoke attacks by waving a broomstick in an attackable area.

Tryane seized the opportunity and turned the broomhandle into a weapon by having a furious, concentrated flame burning at one end of it. It was the same kind of flame she had used to destroy the lock of the fence surrounding the Waygate in Ebou Dar. Therefore, it should be able to cut through the ceiling! I quickly made a large hole in the ceiling. Down thundered a big piece of wood, but I was merely content with having found a way to acquire the goods of the floor above without actually venturing there!

While I was busying myself with that, the Initiates had taken measures of their own and had gained entrance to the first floor by encasing our adversaries in air as strong as steel, which is quite unbreathable. On the first floor, I went into a room which Tadra pointed out as being situated below the room in which her coveted chest had been, and worked the broomhandle. The cutting went a bit slower than anticipated, and thus, instead of cutting the entire floor down, I started cutting down large pieces.

Suddenly, there was a large blastlike noise from the direction of the staircase. I quickly investigated, and found Tadra and Beh'larah severely wounded and covered in burns. The sight of the two of them having been blasted filled me with a raging fury, and my part in this conflict then and there changed from a tactical one to an active one, bent on revenge. When I arrived at the second floor, Tryane had taken care of another enemy. That left one, if none had escaped. Eleya, whom had been shielded from the One True Source (that must have been a horryfing experience for her), felt the Power flow through her as Tryane's victim died. I used the broomhandle to open up a viewing hole into the final room. Eleya used that slight opportunity to coldly dispose of the final enemy by enshrining the entire room in hardened air.

As the immediate threats were now dealt with, attention was focussed upon the needs of our wounded. Most of us had sustained serious wounds, but Beh'larah's and Tadra's wounds were so severe that one would have had little hope for their survival. Luckily, Eleya displayed her uncanny ability for the healing Talents and managed to bring some life to them.

The tally after this battle was grim: both we and our resources had been all but exhausted; Branla (the old maid) had been held by a partial encasing in air by Tryane, there were four dead women (who had wielded the One Power) in the house, and the chest that Tadra had seen was ours for the taking. As Eleya opened the door of the final chamber, in which the chest was, there was a small explosion and she got burned. I groaned internally.

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