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Conlae Donn


Conlae Donn


As he is from a primitive culture, he does not set too much store on his appearance. He is scarred and unkempt. He tries to maintain some hygiene though, because ambushers and hunters tend to be less effective if they can be smelled from a mile away.


Conlae hails from a shamanistic culture, which resolves around tribe shamans which can commune with the spirits of the trees and animals. On certain occasions these spirits will contact members of the tribe as well. Although Conlae is very impressed by the rituals, he does not really understand the intricacies. The concept of gods is even more foreign to him.


Conlae was born among a tribe of wood elves living in the forests of Koh'Rindallar. The people, who called themselves Donn, lived there in primitive housing, concealed within the trees. The Donn, peaceful themselves, however always had troubles with a village nearby. The villagers from this village, Walla, thought the Donn to be a backwards people who disturbed the resources they thought they had a right too because they were so much more advanced. The Donn, however, did not agree. While there was no real war about it, there were occasional skirmishes over the natural resources in the land. Conlae grew up in all this and was soon identified as a promising future warrior for their tribe. While he may not be the smartest tactician, he could certainly be one to turn the tide in a battle. The Donn defended their land mostly from the trees. They would post guards in trees which would either fire their bows or jump from the trees to assualt their attackers. While Conlae was quite capable with the bow and spears, he preferred the real dirty work with a decent sword.

Understandably, as a talented kid in such a situation, Conlae grew up to be quite a warrior. After years and years of troubles with their neighbours the Donn were sick and tired of all the fighting and decided to put a stop to it once and for all. Led by Conlae's father they made a brave assault at Walla and after a particularly vicious struggle they managed to bring the village to its knees. Conlae managed to confiscate some armor and weapons in this struggle. Conlae's father forced an agreement with the village, so the Donn could live for peace in their own land.

As peace returned, the Donn reinstated some of their old customs. Among which there was also a rite of passage which the Donn took when they became 120 years old. At this age they would travel the world in an effort to find themselves. Conlae never understood what they went, but he could at least travel the world and he would probably know himself when he would find him.


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