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Session 4 (Caitlin)

Played on 2005/12/18

As written by the hand of Caitlin

Acrylis 6

One of the tribesmen reported that "there's something unedible on this bird" and gave a dead bird to their newfound leader, valiant Conlae. Sure enough, there was a piece of paper attached to the bird's paw. Conlae has little interest in writings (I think he can't read) so I took the piece from him. It read:

Mages of the world
Help us!
The dam has been breached
and our city Eastspire
is under thread
of complete flooding.
There are great rewards for
those who save our city!
Dear Fharlanghn, my parents' city is in grave danger! A chill went through me. Of course, they had it coming. This I realized as I explained the situation to my companions. Eastspire is built at the end (and south) of the river Mercatrix, at the banks of the Mare Manseutum. Some people call it a lake, but that lake is vast. It would take weeks to circumnavigate it. The lake has no 'sink', no way to let the water get out of the basin. Apparently, this wasn't a problem in ages past, but some hundred years ago the water level would begin to rise, until it threatened the lower parts of the city. The people of Eastspire constructed a massive dam many leagues upriver to stop most of the Mercatrix. This created a huge storage reservoir before the barrage. This has slowed the rising of the lake, but, I realized, everybody could see that this wasn't a permanent solution.
I wanted to help Eastspire and the people in it, but my companions weren't that enthusiastic. Conlae wants to 'find himself', Urdos was a bit grumpy today but didn't actually tell what he wants. Yriryn and Temari almost got into a discussion as Yriryn pointed out that "mages were no good" and didn't explain himself. Temari demanded explanation but didn't receive any. I urged Temari to help us, since she is a mage. And mages can help Eastspire! We had some long discussions, but in the end it was decided that we first go to Eastspire to see what we can do. The only clue we've got for the 'quest', after all, is a map we can't really interpret. One of the 'stars', however, seems to be near Eastspire so Urdos agreed to go along.
The rest of the day was spend in preparation for tomorrow. We'll have to cross a desert.

Acrylis 7

After saying goodbye to the tribe we travelled north, stopping just before the desert starts. Temari is so kind as to guide us. She came to the frozen city via a way that involved much less desert than I, and Urdos, feared. This isn't really familiar territory, but I'm confident I can find my way back to Eastspire once we're further up north.

Acrylis 8

Crossed desert today. Bit dull, but we're going into something Urdos calls 'savannah'. Can't wait!

Acrylis 9

Traveling in northeastern direction. This savannah is prettier than the desert, but still a bit dull. The colours are pretty, though.


Acrylis 14

Today I regained my bearings. We were traveling when I recognized a certain hill. We averted our course a bit more to the north and are now travelling through and past forests.

Acrylis 22

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