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Session 1 (Caitlin)

Played on 2005/11/13

As written by the hand of Caitlin

A cold, cold day

It's safe to say that I won't be relocating any time soon to settle here. This cold is decidedly sub-optimal.
Fortunately, I'm not alone anymore. After traveling through that blasted land called 'desert' and exploring this City of Ice, I once again began to long for a friendly face. The travellers I encountered were not altogether nice, so I decided to lay low. This afternoon I met a whole host of new people and their menagerie, and I think Fharlanghn favours me.

First I encountered a grim dwarf (Urdos) and a canned gnome (Yriryn). Urdos was searching for a missing companion, and Yriryn and I went along to search. In a few minutes, we found the companion, a nice elf called Temari. About the menagerie: Urdos has an owl as companion (Occolo) and a white bear as mount. I later find out that Temari has some sort of cat-beastie ('panther'?) as companion which is called Tasurn. Urdos' bear doesn't have a name, a thing I find a bit unattentive. Urdos' retort that the bear "is not always here" is not entirely convincing. Methinks, I must find a good name for the bear. Snowflake?
As if that wasn't enough, as soon as we'd met a large bulking elf comes running toward us, screaming for help. It appeared that Conlae (as he introduced himself to me as he sped past me) had aroused the enmity of a band of white-furred humanoids and their pet wolf. Those were quickly dispatched. Temari thought that Conlae could've dealt with them himself, a notion I find very likely. Conlae is the kind of the brutal fighter that froths at the mouth and slashes around with an over-sized blade. This of course lets me come up behind and immobilize the enemy, were it not for the fact that Conlae clove two beasties in twain before I could get in position. Ah well.

After the fight I checked up on a fallen white-fur. He didn't have any cuts or other signs of his premature demise, so I poked him to make sure he was quite dead. He twitched a bit! And out of nowhere came an arrow that struck him in the hip. White-fur woke up with a growl and then he spit out a cone of cold or something, right in my face. Chilled to the bone, I didn't add much to the slayage... Yriryn kindly gave me a thick blanket to get a bit warmer, while Temari proceeded to scold Urdos in no uncertain terms. I just hopped over to the dwarf and asked him not to do that anymore. No need to yell at people, it's not as if they can't hear you.

Next on the agenda was figuring out what we're all doing in the chilly lanes of the ruined city. It appears that all five of us found a scroll like mine with a not particular specific message to find this city. Deftly stepping over the questions 'by whom' and 'why' we proceeded to find a temple, as this was indicated in Conlae's scrap.

Urdos led us to the temple as he apparently had been in the city for quite some time. The temple was an enormous structure, dilapidated into ruins. Not much more than gigantic pillars were left. Temari enlarged Conlae so that he could shovel out the snow and ice. Of course, I commented on this and activated my armband, which had the nice side-effect that the wind and cold didn't effect me as much as before, and Tasurn kept me company. After some time Yriryn took to stomping on the large floor-slabs. Just when I said "Hey, that's a way to disable traps, too" he hit upon a hollow below the floor. Conlae joined him in the stomping and yes, two firm stomps later and the marble cracked apart, revealing a slippery slope downwards. Huzzah, another underground cavern. I adore the nice people who built those everywhere!

We quickly proceeded underground but I couldn't help but notice that Urdos seems to be an excellent rear guard. He's often found at the back of the line. It's nice to have such a sturdy guy covering my back.
Anyway, we explored the underground hallways with me taking point. Yriryn wanted to walk beside me, which is of course awfully nice, but I sternly forbade it. If there's trouble ahead, I want to move freely, thankyouverymuch. And yes, predictably, at the first fork in the road there's a touchplate. With javelins. Predictable though it was, I was still a bit surprised, but wasn't hurt. I wanted to take my time and disarm it, but Conlae, who seems to be an impetuous type, had other plans. He had the javelin he got implanted in his chest coming, but it didn't seem to faze him...
This was just one of the examples that I have to educate my newfound companions about my line of work. I mean, everybody but me was struck by lightning a corridor or two later. Of course, being tough and all helps to shrug of the damage, but why get hit if it isn't necessary? Less pain, more fun, I always say. Well, this is the first time I said it, but I could have said it before.

Did I mention that the closer we got to the temple, outside, the colder it got? No? Well, it did. Funny thing was, after some boring rooms and equally boring doors (they weren't even locked) we got to a locked door. A nice, well-constructed door. Which was somehow warmer than our surroundings. Ha! The thick plottens!

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