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Carlos Rodríguez
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Concept: Cheerful Fireman
Appearance: Not too big, moustache and getting bald.
Personality: Cheerful, Happy
Manner of speech: Broken English with a Brazilian accent
Backgrond info: Visiting (migrated) family in Miami. He is in his 40's and is married to Maria, they have 2 teenage kids (Rafael (15) and Gabriela (12))
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Issue: Guilt, Couldn't save a girl (about the same age as his daughter) from burning wreckage.
Impulse: Reckless (thinks he didn't take enough risks to save the girl)
1. Firefighter (20+ years of experience, and last 10 years captain of a small team.
2. Parent (father figure)
1. Maria (his wife and the mother of his children).