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Elise DuBois

Small bio

Elise DuBois was always the outcast to her father, who was a regular visitor of the Lodge. She herself had no intention of following in his footsteps, for all the hunting that he had her do. Still, she liked the place for all the knowledge they and their members had gathered, and while James DuBois never got his wished-for adventurous daughter, he gruffly had to admit that Elise had her qualities as a researcher. Due to their relationship however, Elise is a pretty drawn-in girl. Most of the joyful moments in her life are with the cats she spends so much time with, when she's not studying. And of course she has taken on a bit of an obligation with Grace, although her friend turned out to be quite good at taking care of herself. Elise is not very good at all the politics and social stuff, but she doesn't care; her life is going the way she wants to just now.


Elise is 22 years old, but she looks much older, mostly due to the way she dresses -- mostly in black or dark colors, but never quite "right". She is a bit plump, and her hair is almost always hanging in her face.


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