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Grace DuBois


14 years ago somewhere in the streets of London another stray cat was born. It was a lovely black and white cat and it was one of the few lucky ones to survive its childhood. I was that cat. I lived by wandering around in the city in the search for food. A good thing was that there were enough mice around. When I was about 2 years old, I found the house of the DuBois family. There was a nice girl called Elise who always put out some milk and other treats. I kept going there frequently and Elise gave me the name Grace. This because of the grace and the agility I had when I was recklessly running around.

When I got older I kept going to Elise more and more. I slept in the same room and was very curious about what Elise was doing. So I followed her everywhere and came in all kind of weird places, but most of the time Elise was in her room looking at her books for long days.

When I was about 7 years old, I once followed Elise to this weird room. In it was a man and Elise started talking to him. The man was stirring in a large cauldron. At that moment I got distracted. I saw a glimpse of a mouse. So I jumped up the table, dodged some funny looking things, jumped again over a cauldron and *SPLASH*.

Damn, I didn't made the jump over the cauldron. Quickly I jumped out of the cauldron and looked around if I could see the mouse. Damn, it was gone!

Then I noticed something weird. My sight has changed. Somehow it has gotten worse. Then I saw my front legs... well, there were arms and hands. Soon I had realized that I looked human. Elise and the man looked strangly at me. It seems that this also had surprised them.

The next years I kept living with Elise. In this time I learned to control my changes and used it to become cat or human whenever I wanted. In human form there were a lot of things I could do which I couldn't do as a cat. Elise learned me how to talk, write and read. Her family accepted me as a member of their family and mainly Elise's father seemed pleased with another daughter that was very interested in all other things then books. I often helped Elise and some of her friends with some assignments they got and soon became an accepted member of the Lodge.

Through all this time Elise and I became good friends. She learned me a lot of these 'human' things and when she was reading more books, I runned around the city exploring and scouting in my cat form. Sometimes I went with Elise's father to these nice parties and he introduced me as his daughter. I didn't care much for that, all I was interested in was learning and seeing all these new things as a human.

At the Lodge I found out that I could get some of my cat features even in human form. Once there were these scoundrels that were trying to hurt Elise. I jumped at them and in anger my claws and fangs grew and soon they both laid dead on the ground.

It's now 7 years ago since I got my human form. I learned a lot and still want to learn more. In the Lodge I can help people and it a great opportunity for great adventures.


Grace looks in human form like a 19-23 year old woman. She really is about 14 years old (7 cat years, 7 human years). Her hair is long and coloured black and white. So some part of it is black and some part white. Her eyes are green, but look human.

When she gets angry or scared in human form, her eyes will become vertical oriented cat-eyes and she will grow claws and fangs. That's kind of scary if you are not used to it.


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