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Session 20 (Karel)


Played on February 3th, 2008
As told in the voice of Karel

June 7th, 1689

We discuss what to do about the meddlesome Johan. If he can set up the whole crew against us; we're in for a rough ride. We decided to kidnap him this night, than keep him contained in our room, until we reach Las Tortugas.
That night, John sneaks into Johan's room to execute our plan. I take up watch in the hallway. The second mate comes walking down the stairs as he heard some noise, I make up a story that I fell out of my hammock and need to go to the bathroom now, luckily he accepts my story and walk back out again, leaving John to take care of Johan. Only problem, it turns out that we haven't captured Johan, but we got the first mate Pablo instead.
We gag him and take him to our room to interrogate. After some mild persuasion he tells us the whole story that Johan offered him gold in return to sleep in his room. He also tells us what Johan has been telling the crew, supposedly we are devil worshippers and there's a huge treasure waiting for the crew on the island of Las Tortugas.
We offer the first mate a larger deal of the treasure if he joins our cause and helps us to keep Johan contained. He agrees and tells us that Johan should be in Pablo.s hammock this night. John starts to look for him but doesn't find him there. It seems Johan is very careful these days. We release Pablo after his promise to help us out.

June 8th, 1689

Pablo interpreted the containing part a little different then we had in mind. The following morning we wake up to some high-pitched screaming. People on deck see two bulky sailors carry Johan over to the railing of the ship throwing him overboard. That indeed is a way to shut him up. I wonder if he was lying when he said we'd need a holy priest to desecrate the fountain, to be able to destroy it. We'll have a hard time finding another one... again.
The captain visits Olivia in our room to determine what just happened on deck. She explains the whole story.

June 21st, 1689

It's been one and a half weeks since we 'lost' Johan, when we for the first time see land again. The captain appears on deck for a few minutes to instruct his first mate on how to maneuver to get rid of the ship which has been following us for the last few weeks.
Some smart and dangerous looking moves later and it's open see both in our front and our back, no sign anymore of the ship in pursuit.

June 29th, 1689

Another week later we finally reach the island of Las Tortugas. As we approach the island another ship sails of. Let's see if the fountain of youth is still there.

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