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Session 19 (Olivia)


Played on January 27th, 2008
As told in the voice of Olivia

June 6th, 1689

Back in our cabin Karel and I together translated the copy Karel made of Johan' diary. Well, we tried, anyway. Between Karel's horrendous handwriting, his lack of knowledge of the Italian language and my inability to read it was a bit difficult. It seemed Johan was hatching a plot against us. He was definitely up to something but the specifics were unclear. (It was very nice of him to single me out as the smartest of us, though.)
We decided we needed more information and more allies. I took it upon myself to talk to the captain and sweettalk him. For once, he was on the deck, talking to his first mate. He seemed very glad to see me -- I am very much used to that so I didn't notice that at first. He proceeded to show me around his boring ship which I had already seen and even if not... it's a ship. How exciting can it be? What was moderately exciting was that the captain wore a big ring with some sort of sign on it, a kind of double "H". When he showed me his splendourous cabin I saw the same sign on the wall.
During our conversation I let slip a half-truth and I promptly gained another 10 years! It took all my self-control not to break out in tears.
Our tete-a-tete was concluded, and I went back our crew. I told everything. Karel recognized my description of the sign from one of his books as the family signet of Helmut von Hohenstaufen. Something is very wrong here...

June 7th, 1689

A tumultuous day, to be sure. In the morning, I confronted the captain with our suspicions. He was smart enough to know he couldn't possibly fool me and readily admitted that he is Helmut von Hohenstaufen, the creator of the cursed Fountain! He somehow arranged for himself and his crew to accompagny Johan on his mission. He suspected Johan of foul play. He also knew of the ship following us, and it wasn't his. Apparently Johan was trying to turn the crew against us.

Outside, Manuel was "accidentally" cut by the official lookout. Manuel didn't bleed and the lookout freaked out. He raved against the rest of his crew that Manuel was unnatural. By some quick thinking, Manuel bloodied his arm and covered up the not-bleeding arm. His act was quick and good enough that it convinced the crew.
He then outdid himself and, when once again in the crow's nest, proceeded to "accidentally" cut the lookout. That idiot cried out but was jeered off deck by his crew!

A bit later, William was invited by the crew to a drinking contest. William has the self-restraint of a shark so he of course accepted. He didn't notice that one of those present didn't really drink anything. William just kept on drinking, while the rest fell down drunk, one by one.

It was obvious that the crew had been informed by Johan, as the trials were very specific. We'd have to be careful. I myself had to remain in my cabin during the day -- the disappearance of my youth was sure to be noticed.

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