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Session 27 (Vhadeen)

Played on November 23rd, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

Well, that was a horrible mess..


I always thought some of us were meant for something more, but alas that was not to be. A disaster happened and only through sheer luck the story of my group can be told.

We had just escaped and were systematically searching the ship for the antidote. The search was going slow and the symptoms were getting worse. We were not important enough to deal with by the xenos, which was lucky for us. We came upon the heretic xenos in small groups and were able to defeat them easily enough. Every room we examined had the chance of opposition and we hoped every time they wouldn't group themselves in a large group that could defeat us. The poisoning was slowly taking it's toll and our aiming and fighting wasn't getting any better. We needed the antidote and needed it fast. We found what was probably the cockpit door, but it had a properly locked control panel so we decided to look further down first. Two more guards were taken down and Castella and me were hit and we needed some healing even though we weren't hurt so badly. But I guess that's where things went horribly wrong.
Things happen when psykers use their powers. We were lulled into not really caring that much anymore. Ravian, our psyker was unnaturally good and things rarely went awry. But we were shit out of luck that day, he lost control and he fucked up bad. He was only healing us but I guess the poison disturbed his ritual somehow and he lost control. His eyes turned a different color, he grew before my eyes, all kinds of appendices grew out of his body and the world turned a shade darker. I swear my friend, I was still young that day, but I don't think I have seen much things after that day to match the fright that enveloped my entire body. My first reaction was to do nothing at all and drool. But because the monster jumped on Castella first, I got a clear route back up the stairs. And my brain thought of one thing and one thing only. To get away from that thing as fast and far as possible. I made it just in time to the escape pod. I can't remember much more, I thought about waiting, that much I know. But all hell broke out after that. Afterwards they told me a hole was blown in the side of the ship from the inside out and the whole ship went up in a blaze of fury.

I survived long enough to inform my superiors of what happened. But the healers of the empire were not able to save me. The poison proved to be most deadly for Empirial knowledge. I suffered for 3 excruciating days before my body finally gave up. That was the end of our inquisitorial team my friend. A waste of good people and resources, at least a large groups of heretics were unmasked and destroyed. Was it worth it? Only the Emperor can answer that question my friend. The Empire still stands strong and heresy is still being stamped on, so I guess it is.

What? You ask me how I am alive today to tell you this tale after what I just told you? That is a good question my friend and deserves a good answer and a tale of its own. Next time I will tell you all about it. But I know not when that will be. I have a most important and long task ahead of me and I do not know when I will return. If I even return at all.. You will just have to wait and see if I turn up again, my friend. I bid you a good night and good fortunes!

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