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Session 0 (Scarlet)


Played on March 16th, 2008
As recalled by Scarlet

The year of our Emperor, 23M41

Sitting on the rather uncomfortable bench, Scarlet looked around the small cabin and took in the people who had become and Zuka, an assassin who let his sniper-rifle do most of his talking, she knew the longest. They had been part of the strikeforce that had fought the mutant uprising, on the planet she knew all too well, Sheol XVII. All three had shown their worth to the team over and over, and Scarlet had owned her life to that very team on several occassions. No count was kept however, since the assignment was all that mattered.

On her left was the strange fellow she had come to know as Novus. He had joined their team on the first real mission Scarlet had been on herself as well. The now infamous mission to the garden planet Doxo III. Their teammate Jorgan had perished during the mission in which they had put an end to the perverted chaos-like escapades and orgies of the nobility on that planet. Scarlet vividly recalled the memory of the horrified look on her old teammate face, as his respirator had been torn off. The apparent fun and pleasure of the planet had engulfed him and it has costed him dearly. Novus had proved to be a all too worthy replacement however. He had proven his meddle on a number of occasions since Doxo III.

The character on her right however was less known to Scarlet. He had been introduced by Intios himself as Ravian and was appointed to their team, no questions asked. His powers were completely beyond Scarlet's considerable comprehension and his past was a mystery. She had seen him perform some astonishing medical feats however, patching her and her teammates up after some cultist had once again inflicted grievious wounds on them. He must have been the reason, none of their team had died since, she concluded.

Once again, surveying the room, a wash of sentimental emotions washed over Scarlet. Although she knew all these people less than a year, they had become something she had to go without for more than 16 years. They had become family.

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