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"Imbued" was a Spirit of the Century campaign led by Marcel and Jake. As chronicled in the session logs, the campaign ran for 19 sessions, from 14 March until 5 September 2010, with two additional sessions for character creations on 21 February and 7 March.
It set a new record for the number of handouts, which you can view in the session logs. There's also a campaign outline as made by the GMs, which you can download as either the source file or an Adobe PDF file.

How this came to be

During our previous campaign it was decided that Marcel & Jake would lead this campaign. They created the following three "teaser trailers":

  1. Imbued: A pulp setting in the 1920s and '30s
  2. Browncoats: travel into the 'verse of starship Serenity
  3. Reign of Steel: A story taking place in a world ravaged by the war against the machines

After a very close vote (13 vs 12 vs 11) Imbued came out on top, and this is the result. Pity about the other two, though. Maybe they'll be used in the future?

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