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The players and their characters.
Player Character Nickname Short description Charsheet
Mark Magnus Laisley "Magpie"/"The Phoenix" A 52 year old scotsman. Former streetcop, retired prohibition officer. Now living in rural Greenwood Lake minding his own business. And the little businesses of the villagers. As "the Phoenix" he travels around the world as a freelance Silhouette luitenant PDF
Ferry Frank Mackley "The Judge"/"The Enforcer" Local guy, mid 20's. Well known for his loathing of firearms and being utterly self-righteous. PDF
Jeroen Thomas C. Fairbanks "Tom Fivestep" BoI agent who uses logic to predict what and how criminals are going to do a crime. Called Fivestep because he always explains the crime that is going to happen and his own plans in five steps. PDF
Xavier Roger Hawkes "Hawkeye" Explorer who spends most of his time exploring the unexplored, almost impenetrable parts, of Africa. Searching for lost secrets and treasures.
Stijn Mike Smith / Miro Kizjev "Dyna-Mike" Russian immigrant that is good with explosives. Set against corrupted leaders in the world.
Matthijs Christopher Burwell "Silver-Tongue"

Pulp Books:

  • Title: Hawkeye in... The Temple of Ouazebas.
    Description: Hawkeye and his friends discover the long lost Temple of Ouazebas. But that's just the start of this epic adventure in Africa. No one would have ever expected what they found inside. Christopher 'silver-tongue' went inside with Hawkeye to find a huge underground city, home to the african 'Oagaba' people planning to unleash a terrible evil through the african landscape. Along with Magnus they had to use all their skills and resources to bring down this tribe of savages, thus saving the world from the evil they were on the verge of releasing!
    Guest stars: Magnus Laisley, Christopher Burwell

  • Title: Dyna-Mike in... Siberian Troubles
    Description: On a mission from Project Silhouette to rescue an important defected military general from the labour camps in Siberia, Mike discovers that there is a more important target to him -- a scheduled visit from Stalin himself is the perfect opportunity to dispose of Uncle Joe himself. However, Hawkeye needs to come to the rescue when Mike is lost for a week in the coldest region of Siberia. Together they find the camp, or at least what they thought that was the camp.... Will they succeed?
    Guest stars: Hawkeye, ...

  • Title: Tom Fivestep in... Say No to Bankrobbery
    Description: Mad bankrobber goes on a bankrobbing spree, unpredictable and uncatchable. In comes Fivestep.. Cracks the pattern and lays out his five step plan to predict and catch the mad bankrobber. With the help of Dyna-Mike's explosive skills, Tom, Hawkeye and Mike are sure to catch the bankrobber by surprise on his last visit -- and a nice explosive surprise it wil be. Will they be right and catch him? Hawkeye's sharp eye notices a footprint leading away from the scene. Is it the bankrobber's? or is there more to this story then just a bankrobbery? Start reading now and find out!
    Guest stars: Dyna-Mike, Hawkeye

  • Title: Christopher in... Murder in Monaco
    Description:A murder of an European noble in Monaco sparks a death-defying chase across the world. From the high societies in Europe, through the bustle of New York where Tom Fivestep joins Christopher to expose the murderer by reading the crimescene of an almost identical murder and laying out a plan to catch him. Unfortunately the murderer narrowly escapes to make his way to Istanbul, where our heroes almost lose the trail. With the help of Dyna-Mike however, a bomb-threat in the most renowned brothel of the mysterious oriental city draws him out for a dazzling confrontation!
    Guest stars: Tom Fivestep, Dyna-Mike

  • Title: Magnus Laisley in... Rise of the Phoenix
    Description:Rise of the Phoenix tells the story as he rebuilds his life as a feelance Silhouette Luitenant. On his first mission Magnus gets to travel to the Soviet republic to help a nuclear scientist escape the evil clutches of Russian government... ... After the daring escape Christopher introduces the scientist, Olav Badomski, to the Burwell Corporation where he secretly develops gadgets for Project Silhouette. One of them seems to give Project Silhouette the edge over its enemies...
    Guest stars: Christopher, ...

  • Title: Frank in... ...
    Description: Magnus or Magpie as he came to be known, due to his frequent pie-related visits to Frank's restaurant, introduced him to the project.After the restaurant burndown, top BoI investigator Tom Fivestep is brought in to deduce what happened. Clearly the deaths of these crimelords was on the hands of little big boss, will he be taken down aswell?
    Guest stars: Tom Fivestep, Magnus Laisley

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