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Balseraph of Dark Humour

How's the Annoying One?
— Spike, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer - School Hard"


Racing past you on a small bmx-bike, a kid almost overruns you. You shout at him, but he doesn't seem to care. He yells something like 'watch the road granpa!'. He's got jet-black hair and is wearing on oversized LA raiders jersey with the number 13 on the back.
He's got some evil fire burning in his dark eyes, like he's up to something. But the moment he drives around the corner, you already start to forget about him.


Bobby has seen much of the world ad has tried to annoy people all over it. Sarcasm, dark humour and being generally annoying are his trademarks. But as a kid he often seems to get away with it.
In case he got caught for doing something, he'd start of talking his way out of the situation, explaining in great detail how everyone else was misinterpreting the events and that he couldn't help it at all. In case everything failed, he'd just try to escape somehow. To race of on his bmx, which is always there when he needs it.
Incase people would persist in holding him against his will, he'll start playing mindgames. Nooooo, not the lovely games, trying to trick people. No actually, he'll really blast your mind to bits. He does that to people, sometimes... somehow... "But they asked for it, honestly"


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