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Calabite of Fire

I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter
— The Prodigy, "Firestarter"


Small children run away or start crying if Seluku walks by. He is 6 feet long, looks like a bully and and weares old dirty and wrinkled clothes full of burn marks (partly because of his ever-present aura of entropy). His head is bald and a big burn mark covers half his head and a quarter of his face. He always smells like he just came out of a burning house (and quiet often that's where he came from). If he is not wearing his wrinkled clothes, he walks around in his dirty firefighter uniform, full of holes and burn marks, and of course with his fire axe in his hands.


Seluku took a role as firefighter. There he does what people expect him to do. He walks into burning buildings and gets people out. But sadly, almost all people he gets out are death. And the buildings he enters tend to collapse more often then is average. He enjoys using his resonance inside a burning building and destroying some walls or people in it that are still alive. Thanks to his attunement he can do this without causing any disturbance to the symphony. Whenever he is not using his resonance, he will surely use his fire axe to break down some stuff, but he not uses it on humans that often, the disturbance attracts those pesky angels.

The fire axe is an artifact. It's a gift he received from a demon prince to help him with one of his missions some time ago. And because it looks like a fire axe, he can also use it when he is being a firefighter.

His burn marks are caused by some 'firefighting' accidents. But Seluku doesn't mind, it's just his vessel. At some point Belial granted him the Firewalker attunement as reward for the killing of a few angels, so now he won't have to be carefull anymore (not that he was carefull before). All the smoke that he has been in also damaged his sense of smell and taste. So don't expect Seluku to smell fire... he is so used to that, that everything smells like fire... and tastes like it too.

Seluku get's asked quiet often if any of the Demon Princes need some muscles somewhere. Seluku loves to put his fire axe into a juicy angel. And after that light him up with a nice fire.

Don't let his looks fool you. Seluku knows that letting people believe he is just a simple-minded thug can be an advantage. But if people start to irritate him, he will turn violent fast.


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