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Session 1 (Thanh Sung)

Played on June 11th, 2006
Start of Angels story arc

Celestial plane, August 16, 2005

Each Angel of what was to become the group was invited (or called, or ordered, depending on their superior) to meet with their respective Archangel. In some cases, the differences between the Angels and their superiors were painfully obvious. Joss seemed poised on gunpoint, anxious to undertake action, while Gabriel was having a ... more relaxed attitude (not to mention a vague attitude). Other Angels seemed more on the same level, as exemplified by Tyronne and Novalis. They spend most of their time happily constructing flower leis and avoiding the purpose of the meeting with great pleasure.

Of course, Thanh Sung's meeting fell into the former category. Which came as no big surprise, considering that Micheal was not Eli. Thanh Sung had felt less connected to Micheal when he was reassigned, and Micheal's stern and military attitude did not match well with Thanh Sung's natural outlook. Eli had always favored a quiet demeanor, letting things sort themselves out and only taking a hand when necessary. Micheal was not like that. He marched in, ordered Thanh to bring a demon by the illustrious name "Bangman" to a bar named the Peach & Mango, where this demon would be brought to the light, and marched out again.

Moments later, Thanh found himself in a bar, where four other Angels had appeared right beside him. Thanh guessed it to be the Peach & Mango. The barman was in the process of evicting a man, who turned out to be a Kyriotatas-possessed individual. Six Angels appearing side by side... it seemed like it couldn't be a coincidence.

And it wasn't. It turned out that all had been sent here on a mission to bring "Bangman" to the light. Some had received more useful information than others. Omniel seemed to be in the know the most -- which stood to reason, considering that his information came directly from Yves. As it turned out, they were in Los Angeles, "Bangman" was a Calabim of Theft and he could be found in Sernando Valley on Ventura Boulevard, at number 4253 .

Both Joss and Wes kept pushing for action. Within moments after exchanging information, the gang found themselves in Wes' cab. Surprisingly enough, they all fit quite comfortably... until Wes began to drive. Thanh fell back into reflexive meditation, a trick he had learned which allowed him to suppress his immediate responses at the cost of being somewhat in trance. From the way both Wes and Joss were enjoying the ride, it was obvious that they didn't see any problems with it - indicating that they had to be Ofanim.

After a swift and mostly not-too-dangerous ride later, Wes pulled the cab up to a building at the right address. "J.D. Productions" was painted on the side of the lodge. The gang left the car and started nosing around, only to be told off by a security guard. Who proceeded to push the car with one foot several meters back. While it was on the brakes.

Wes quickly parked the car on the street, to annoy the demon guards less. In the meanwhile, Isabel waited for the opportune moment, and when the guards were distracted, she walked in. She came quite far into the building, but eventually was kicked out again. Omniel (the Kyriotatas) had more success by possessing a passing raven. By now all Angels had noticed the disturbances to the Symphony emanating from the lodge. However, they were still outside with no direct plan on how to continue their mission. Then, a black limousine drove up to the site. Out came a man dressed like he belonged in the 70s. The guards stood a bit more erect, and welcomed him with "Good morning, mr. J.D.".

So, something was happening. And demons being deferential to humans... naah. So probably J.D. was a demon as well. In the mean time, Isabel had been kicked out again after another attempt at entry to the building. Pooling her information together with Omniel's it seemed that we were dealing with a pornography production company. Thanh felt a bit reserved about that. On the one hand, pornography stimulated humans to have intercourse (and thus create new life), on the other hand, all creativity seemed to have evaporated from the genre shortly after its inception.

Tyronne came up with the notion of looking for Bangman as an actor in the movies made by J.D. Productions. The notion wasn't too bad, so Tyronne rented some videos and loaded them into the player in Wes' cab. Except for Tyronne and Thanh, the Angels seemed not too comfortable with the blatant acts of sexuality displayed in these movies. On top of that, there was no mention of "Bangman" in any of the movies they watched.

Suddenly, J.D. and several tronies emerged from the lodge. J.D. mentioned something like "See you later, Bang", at which point a weird-looking guy got into a red Chevrolet and hit the gas.

Wes almost was going before we had closed the door to the cab, and was grinning all the way. Of course, he imagined he would be having fun... As it turned out, "The Bang" was not a bad driver, and his Chevrolet was as pimped out as Wes' cab was. Wes was having trouble keeping up and not driving into the slower traffic -- slower in this respect meaning the cars that only went 75 mph.

Of course, after a short race on the highway, Bang picked up a police "escort", which were quickly overtaken by Wes. Two cars racing at these insane speeds would of course merit more attention from the law, and indeed, moments later a police helicopter could be spotted in the sky.

The wild ride continued for quite some time, but in the end it seemed Wes could not keep up with the red Chevvy. As luck would have it, by then Bang had parked his car. So, the Angels followed suit, while Bang was running around the corner. Wes, Joss and Omniel took up the chase, while Tyronne and Thanh Sung trailed at a slower pace. Isabel remained near the vehicles, attuning herself to Bang's car.

Tyronne and Thanh did not see Bang or the Angels entering a big skyscraper, and so they ended up relaxing in a park. Wes, Joss and Omniel entered the building and took the elevator up, disregarding the protests of the clerk. Arriving at the top floor it became clear that they had entered a demon's domain of influence. Strict security measures were taken, and they ended up at a topside pool, with Bang relaxing in a chair beside it.

A guy called Kevin Media seemed to be in charge here -- even The Bang was completely deferential to him. Kevin told them to back off from Bangman, and that Bangman did not want to see them. It was clear how the power on the penthouse was distributed... don't mess with Kevin.

Meanwhile, the police had finally caught up with the red and yellow cars and proceeded to investigate. Isabel, who had remained close by, was put under arrest shortly, after which the search expanded. It did not take long for the police to locate Thanh Sung and Tyronne in the park, and they were taken in for questioning as well.

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