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Session 17 (Vito)

Played on October 22, 2006
Part Two of the Second Demons Story Arc

Hell Teheran, August 22, 2005

Bobby tried to stir up troubles at the crime scene, and succeeded amirably. He urged one of the reporters (and his camera man) to take note of our graffiti, but was pretty much ignored. Until the 'kid' cried out that the reporter was trying to withhold information and was one of 'them'. A nice fight broke out. The local police was very reluctant to do anything about the mob bashing up the reporter which was strangely satisfying to see.
Seeing all this, we called it a night and congratulated each other on a job well done.

Teheran, August 23, 2005

At the impossible hour of 5AM we went to the service of Khalid. It was very clamorous. The guy tried preaching brotherly love and turning of cheeks, but it wasn't very convincing. The crowd picked up on that and became only more agitated. It's all working out...
Bobby and Thomas felt a disturbance in the Symphony and detect that someone has used a Celestial Song of Motion. Luke tried to find out more but finds out little, just as I expected. When we talked to Khalid's flunkies, we heard that Khalid has left without informing them. Apparently, he's getting rather agitated. He also used another Song but we can't detect which one.

While discussing things at the local bar we felt another disturbance. (And they call us unsubtle...) Lots of people were being murdered by Celestials, and it wasn't us! We moved to the city centre where the Abdi mosque was set on fire. There were a lot of burned bodies, and look! somebody had drawn a pentagram on the mosque wall. (Soooo 1990s...) Luke spotted a Calabim in the crowd, grinning contentedly, whereupon Thomas and Luke pursue the Calabim to an old house in the near vicinity.
Local nor international press had any clue on who set the mosque on fire, so I moved to a telephone booth and once again called Al-Jazeera and pressed '1' to claim this deed. The local press was very incendiary, which fitteds nicely in our plans. Seluku for once had a good idea and moved into the flaming building. Inside he arranged a number of corpses in a crucifix-like form. Using my attunement I informed the local press on the similarities with the day before -- after all, you can't really expect them to think for themselves, now can you? Bobby and I fan the flames a bit more.

In the meanwhile, Luke followed another person that left the house the firestarter went into. Later during the next service Khalid wasn't present and some Celestial caused quite some Disturbance. There's a lot of preaching of brotherly love, but the crowd picked up the exact opposite. Nifty trick, that, but all this Disturbance was quite the opposite from what we were told to do. We were quite sure that these Celestials were messing up our mission, probably trying to frame us when things went south. On the other hand, they were doing a good job... To keep tabs on them Luke went into fly-mode and searched their HQ. Seven people wre inside, and one of them had a huge sword. Also present were some books on different religions and belief systems.

Back at the burning mosque Bobby and I persuaded the police to check out the insides of the building -- otherwise they wouldn't see Seluku's cross. Seluku certainly had his day when he thought of his next trick: He ran inside as a firefighter and exited again with flames all over him, screaming "the Christians are behind this!" and other slogans. He then collapsed, seemingly dead, after which he was deported in a nice body bag. (Of course he wasn't dead, his vessel didn't even suffer any damage. Some hours later he 'woke up' in the hospital which quietly left.)

After all this fun the kid and I went to Luke and Thomas to help check out the enemy HQ and rendez-vous. We quickly went to Khalid's mass (without Bobby, he was still keeping tabs). Weirdest thing, it seemed as if Khalid had found himself again. He was very calming and convincing, and the crowd calmed down. Afterwards I tried to undo the damage, but that didn't go well.

Fed up with this and the other group's uncertain allegiance, we decide to either steer them onto our course or just kick the heck out of them. I tried to go for the subtle way, but Thomas decided otherwise by kicking in their front door...

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