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Background Notes

The campaign is of course set in the Marvel Universe, but exactly the same as featured in the comics. Then again, the Marvel Universe in the comics has changed a lot in the years, not to mention the differences between the 'regular' comics, the 'Ultimate' comics, the various animated series, and last but not least the movies. So here are some notes on our version

First of all, I'm not really an expert on Marvel Universe or the X-Men. My main reference material consisted of:

  • The two X-Men movies: X-Men and X2 (X-Men 2: X-Men United)
  • The original animated series
  • The animated series X-Men: Evolution
  • Some issues of the very first X-Men comics, by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee (from 1963)
  • The currently running The Ultimate X-Men series.
But my players and I didn't slavishly follow the 'canon' material...
First of all, the characters are just one team of the X-Men, called "Bi-X".
The members of this team are all adolescents, and have been staying at the Xavier Institute for quite some time now. Professor X now deems them worthy to go on more public missions.
The 'canon' X-Men (Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine, Shadowcat, etc.) are all alive in this Marvel Universe, but aren't really present. This, of course, to avoid having them steal the spotlight. However, they can (and will) make cameo appearances.
The events that have happened in the past in the Marvel Universe have happened, but references to them are kept to a minimum. So yes, Gambit walks around just as if he didn't instigate the Morlock Massacre, and the Morlocks are none the worse for wear. This can produce continuity problems, but this option was preferrable to the alternative. (Where different players have a differing amount of knowlegde of the Marvel Universe.)

Atmosphere will be a thing that will have to grow, but I'm looking to a kind of Ultimate X-Men vibe: gritty, but still comic-book, and kinda dark, but certainly hip with many pop culture references. The humor from the comics will also be there.

Character creation

We used all three Marvel Universe books: the Game Guide, the Guide To The X-Men and the Guide To The Hulk And The Avengers. Starting character creation with 40 white stones, the players all had to include at least the Challenge "Mutant", which is worth 3 white stones. Additional stones could be gained by adding more Challenges.

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