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As asual, we pieced together our own soundtrack from other albums and songs. Here you go:

  • The songs "Electronaut", "Liebestod", "Genesis", "Structure" and "Fearless" from the album FuturePerfect by VNV Nation
  • The opening track from The Young And The Hopeless called " A New Beginning", an album by Good Charlotte;
  • We used two songs from The Prodigy: "Charly [Original Mix]" and "Mindfields" (the latter one is from The Fat Of The Land);
  • Apollo 440 contributed two songs: "Stealth Overture" and "Krupa", both from Electro Glide In Blue;
  • Members Of Mayday - "10 In 01" and "Sonic Empire", both taken from the album Anthems Of The Decade;
  • Toshiro Masuda's soundtrack for the anime Naruto resulted in the use of the following tracks: "Nine Tail Demon Fox" and "Nervous";
  • Foetus - "Seventy Cops" (from the album Steroid Maximus - Ectopia);
  • Monster Magnet's Dopes To Infinity added "Theme From Masterburner" and "Ego The Living Planet";
  • Last but not least, Meathook Seed's "The Ladder" from their album B.I.B.L.E.

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