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portrait of Zen


Intelligence: 8
Strength: 1
Agility: 3
Speed: 2
Durability: 2


Telekinesis (intelligence bonus): 1
Force field (intelligence bonus): 1
Drain energy (intelligence bonus): 1
Social Skills: 3


compulsion to stick up for underdog
shuns material possession
tries to avoid using automated equipment
haunted past
Team Affiliation: Bi-X
Team Wealth: 2
Personal Wealth: 0


Bi-X Communicator


Zen was born 23 years ago in a small town in Tibet to a very poor family. As poor families are common to do in Tibet, when Zen was 4 they went to the great buddhist monastery in a hope that he would get a good education, something which his parents could not afford. The monks saw great potential in Zen and he was quickly accepted. Separated from his family, he learned to empty and control his mind. Angered by his separation at first, he quickly found a way to control his emotions and be at peace with himself. He learned that with his spirit he could not only control his own mind and body, but physical objects too.

For years, he continued his training, trying to achieve higher levels of enlightenement. At the age of 16, he felt he was ready to journey into the world. First, he reunited with his family and helped them with their struggle for money, but soon he realised he could help so much more people. He resolved himself to use his powers to liberate Tibet from the oppression of the Chinese and quickly hooked up with a Tibetan underground movement. For years, he was able to strike blows in name of the Tibetan people, always taking care no innocent people were hurt. Unfortunately, the Chinese secret service found out the true identity of Zen and captured his family. While attempting to free them, he himself was captured and made to watch the execution of his family, only to suffer torture afterwards. To withstand the torture, he tried to stay in a deep meditation. This is when he learned to use his mind to form a shield around his body and to drain energy from his torturers.

His powers honed, he managed to make a daring escape from his prison. Pursued by his former captors, he managed to sneak out of the country towards the United States. Adopting a new name and life, hoping to find support to free his country, he met Beast at a university and was quickly entrusted into Professor X's care. Under his supervision, he joined up with Bi-X.

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