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Mines of Madness

Mines of Madness

You have come to the Mines of Madness in search of the Forever Stone, a powerful artifact rumored to have many great powers, first among them the power to grant eternal life. According to half-forgotten lore, the stone was hidden from the world long ago by evil wizards and greedy dwarves who coveted its power. They are said to have perished in an orgy of magic and bloodshed after turning on one another. You don't expect all the rumors to be true, but one thing is certain: Over the years, many adventurers have tried to claim the Forever Stone, but none have succeeded.

To survive the Mines of Madness would be a feather in the cap of any adventurer, but to retrieve the Forever Stone would catapult you into the annals of awesomeness. And so here you are, on the brink of greatness, ready to descend into the depths in search of glory, infamy, and immortality. . . .

Character creation/rules information

  • We use the "060713" version of the D&D Next playtest rules
  • Hitpoints per level will be determined by the fixed number mentioned in the class descriptions.
  • We'll be using a 5 feet grid for combat. Diagonal movement will cost 1 movement for first diagonal move and 2 for the second diagonal movement, etc. See the image for an example, each color is a '5 feet step'.
  • You can spend 250 gp on equipment.
  • We use Specialties, or you can pick your own feats instead.
  • We use the default rules for resting (not optional or experimental).
  • If you use a ranged weapon and are attacking an enemy while someone is in between, that enemy gets half cover (+2 ac). If too many are in between it can be changed to 3/4 or full cover. And if the enemy is very big it might not have cover at all. Ofcourse it's the DM that decides what the final cover amount is :P

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