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The players and their characters.
Player Character Gender & Race Class, specialty Charsheet
Jeroen Dorje Male Human Monk, Path of the Four Storms HTML, PDF
Mark Purkin Female Forest Gnome Wizard, Evoker HTML, Spellbook
Jake Zebediah Rowley † Male Human Paladin of Torm, Cavalier PDF, Additional (lvl3)
Tog Headsmasher Male Half-Orc Barbarian Reaper PDF
Marcel Walendithas † Male Dwarf Druid of the Moon
Thrur Alecasket † Male Dwarf Druid of the Moon HTML
HugHug Male Goblin Hugger of the Monk
Stijn Naivara Female Wood Elf Thief HTML
Ferry Laucian Amakiir Male High Elf Ranger HTML

Casualties and Cause of Death

  • † Walendithas, Male Dwarven Druid of the Moon (Session 1, Purple Worm breakfast)
  • † Zebediah, MAle Human Paladin of Torm (Session 6, Sacrifice)
  • † Thrur Alecasket, Male Dwarven Druid of the Moon (Session 8, Purple Worm dinner)

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