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Session 1 (Edward)


Played on April 7th, 2012

October 13th, 2010

The bookstore

When i just got at work i got put a sealed message in my hand. I opened it and was i suprised. A message from Cell A? What could that mean? Why didn't i get this from Peter? But i did as asked and quickly went to the bookstore mentioned on it.

After a 50 minute drive i parker my car and knocked on the door of the bookstore. It was closed, which was weird seeing that it was within its opening hours. A good dressed older man opened the door and told me they were closed. So i asked him about Iatepus. He didn't sounded like he knew exactly what this was about, but in the end let me in. Meanwhile Val also arrived. It seems she also got the same message.

There already were 3 persons inside, and 1 arrived a few minutes later, so that makes 6: The bookstore owner Larry, a young flashy guy Mike who turned out to be a fresh recruit of the NYPD homicide squad. A woman in her mid-40's, Grace, who was 'gifted'. A weird guy 'Blue' who needed a shower, me and Val. After some startup difficulties Larry, Mike and Grace turned out to be Cell W, and Blue was a new friendy recruited by Peter. Larry got a fax with a mission describing a mass murder and some weird numbers. Basically we had to get rid of all evidence conserning the numbers and get a romantic relationship going between the wife of the house and the murderer. Meanwhile i text Peter asking if he is also coming. I get a 'to where?' back, so for some reason he isn't involved... weird...

While we were introducing each other, an envelop with 6 flight tickets was dropped in the mailbox. So we went to the airport, and got the flight to a military airport close to the crime scene. During the flight we quickly introduced each other so we got an idea of everyone his skills. At the airport a taxi was waiting for us and brought us to a hotel where we dropped some stuff and went on to the crime scene.

The crime scene

Larry arranged some fake ID's for us so we could enter the crime scenes without problems (you notice he is an experienced cell leader). 2 bodies outside (well, only outlines, the bodies were already moved to a cooled area), with a long number besides it. Getting rid of that should get priority, so i tell the FBI agent making pictures that he has to turn over his memory card to Val when he is done. Inside it seems that the other 7 people were killed in the kitchen. But no numbers here, so back outside to get rid of that number range.

While Mike distracted the FBI Agent, i first picked up some of the paving stones and put them in a ceiled bag for evidence. Then i went to Larry, asking what he thought of it. It seems like a good idea to adjust some numbers on the stones so we can put them back, so we don't attract too much attention to it.

I take Blue to a place behind the house where we are alone. He told us he was a great spray painter and now he quickly adjusts some of the numbers. It's remarkable how good he did that, it's no wonder Peter got him to help us. I can't see any difference anymore to his new 8's and the original ones. So we basically picked up a few stones, adjusted the numbers, put them back and repeat that until the number doesn't look at the original number anymore at all.

After that i check if Val has gotten the memory card. She got, and i proposed that she took some pictures of the new number, so she can give the new number back to the FBI agent (Giving it back would mean the less questions regarding to us, which is what we want).

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