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Session 8 (Valerie)


Played on June 2nd, 2013

October 19th, 2010

Ed pretended to be drunk and checked the patio for cameras. There were some, but the lighting was pretty bad. He noted there was a white van parked there.

When Ed, Larry and Grace came back they reported to me and I put it into the 3D model. Then the six of us made a new plan. I won't bore you with all the different positions and plans as there were a lot and there was a lot of discussion. In the end the plan was relatively straighforward: we'd break in during the evening. I'd hack into the CCTV, Ed would switch the book with our counterfeit, Blue would run interference if needed and Mike would be our getaway driver. If anything went wrong, I'd show my Vigil Security credentials and tell them I was testing their security systems.

October 20th, 2010

Ed returned to the gallery to check out any emergency exits. He even put a wedge between the emergency door -- if that was still there when we arrived it would make our job a lot easier. I also called my boss to tell him that he might get a call from Europe that evening, asking if I was doing a job there. I told him to respond affirmative. When he started to object and ask questions, I hung up. I hoped that I'd built enough credit to get away with this kind of stunt.

Unexpectedly, our execution pretty much matched the plan. The wedge that Ed had stuck between the emergency exit was still present, so we got in easy. There was a guard, but he quickly passed while we hid in a store room. I hacked into the CCTV and removed the parts with our presence and made sure some "empty" footage was put into its place instead. Ed's fingers were quite nimble and he switched the books without much trouble.

Then some wrinkles appeared. The guard had returned, so Blue had to intoxicate him with chloroform after a quick scuffle. I got up to help him but the fight was already over. Briefly after that, the phone rang. I almost answered but Blue said he'd answer -- apparently he knew Dutch. It helped, but not a lot, because it was the police and they spoke French. (I don't get Europe or their languages, like, at all.) Blue tried to reassure the police that everything was alright and he thought he succeeded, but I didn't want to take the chance.

We alerted Ed to hurry up and meet us at the exit. I finished up my video hacking and ran after Blue towards the exit. On the way there we passed a control board of the building and the light next to "our" emergency exit was blinking. We'd missed that on the way in! Stupid! I couldn't see a quick way to turn the alarm off (not without potentially setting off the board's security system) so I quickly continued. I had the presence of mind to knock over one of the exhibits -- hopefully the police would focus on that and it'd take a longer time before our switch was discovered.

When we ran towards the exit sirens were quickly approaching. Indeed, when we got into the car, flashing lights appeared at the end of the street. Mike threw the car in reverse and with some deft driving got us away.

The rest was anxious to get rid of the book, so we stopped under a bridge to throw the book into a oil drum the vagrants were using to build a fire. When Blue used his chloroform to make sure it'd burn, the vagrants got angry and made to attack us, so we had to make ourselves scarce. Unfortunately, this meant we left before we could make sure the book was totally destroyed...

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