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Two-Fisted Squishy Pulp

Date: February 7, 2004

You're on a mission from the AEon Society for Gentlemen to uncover some magical whatchamacallits.
Bits 'n pieces: Details are irrelevant, as long as there is at least one blimp, an X that marks the spot, and a red dotted line on a map. But wait! Something sinister is afoot. Or a-slither? Chtulhu rises! Just add a few cultist. Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, The Mummy and Call Of Cthulhu. Just add water.
System: Adventure!
Soundtrack: the scores for the various Indiana Jones movies by John Williams, some jazz (Benny Goodman's performance in Carnegie Hall in 1938).

Cthulhu Meets Adventure!

This one-shot took place February 7, 2004. The idea was to mix Call Of Cthulhu with general pulpiness from Adventure. Cthulhu meets Indiana Jones, that kind of thing. Of course, Lovecraft's stories have many characteristics of pulp so it wasn't all that hard.
The characters were all starting characters, generated under the Adventure system. One character, Wayne Bruce, was taken from the Adventure session from RPG Weekend III with some minor modifications.

The cast

All the cast members were firmly rooted in pulp stereotypes, and were

Actor Name Name in session log Knacks Other characteristics
Hugo Le Comte Le Comte Touch of Life, Marked Man, Cloak of Dread, Evil Eye, Optimized Metabolism Proud owner of Pinky the Inspired Alligator (Menagerie 2)
Jeroen de O. Seattle Jones Seat Sex Symbol, Death Defiance, Enhanced Impact, Indomitable Will, Jack Of All Tongues Gadget: hat & whip
Matthijs Wayne Bruce Wuce Brayne Steely Gaze, Enhanced Impact Resources 6 -- Wealthy Beyond Avarice, owner of The Red Rose
Jeroen van V. Felicia Hardy Felicia A Single Bound, Blindfighter, One-(wo)man Army, Touch of the Muse Sings at the Red Rose
Diana Vincenza Mallone Vincenza Wheel(wo)man, Navigational Hazard, Fists of Stone and Lie Detector Two light revolvers & one shotgun. Private investigator
Mark Paco the narrator Forgettable, Threat Awareness, Lightning Reflexes, Untouchable, Body Of Bronze, Heightened Senses Proud owner of a Swiss Army Knife avant la lettre

The session log

Mark Braspenning a.k.a. Paco wrote a really cool in-character session log which can be found here.

My notes

My first draft of the adventure, the second draft, and my IRC discussions with Stijn can be found here. They're written in Dutch, though.

Set photos

Thanks to Mark for taking the photos.

A good look at the handouts.

So, what is all this eldritch mumbo-jumbo?

Solving the 'jump across chasm' puzzle.

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