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Numenera: The Pilgrimage

You awaken, and even before you are truly awake you realize that this day is the most exciting day of your whole life up until now. Today you turn 18, and you will see a lot of the world from now on. You tremble as you realize that you have to leave everything you know behind; but you vow to complete your pilgrimage and return on the day of your 25th birthday, as almost all the others have done before you.

You look around you and see some of your companions already awake, some still sleeping peacefully. They, like you, went to bed yesterday in the comfort of their homes. Now all you see is the vast arid plains around you. Even though you and the others were prepared, it is still a shock to actually experience the disappearance of your home and place of birth. It takes a while to mentally adjust yourself to the knowledge that your father, mother, siblings and all other people in Colzo are still very much alive, and in some way that you can’t fathom still living in the exact same spot as where you are lying now.

But reminiscing about the fundamental facts of living in Colzo does not help your cause. You decide to get up, gather your belongings from where you buried them the day before, and do your part. Together you are embarking on the greatest journey of your life: visiting the five Kephi of Lukarion and Ingana, in order to preserve their knowledge for eternity. You quickly check your Kephilim - the one thing you cannot afford to lose during this journey. Reassuringly, it’s green pulsating light is still flashing. Hopefully it stays that way the whole time.

Your thoughts turn back to the Kephi you need to visit. You wonder what you will find, as even though you were prepared for this journey since birth, nobody was able (or willing?) to tell you. Truly, when you return you will have one hell of a tale to tell!

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